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Hey all. An issue was brought up in my gaming group, and i thought I'd toss the question to you guys to see what you thought...

The question was regarding how one can use Edge dice on a test that has already been rolled. The book gives two examples of how one can use Edge, both located on page 67 if you wanna follow along at home.

First of the options: "You may declare the use of Edge after you have rolled for one test. In this case, you may roll a number of extra dice equal to your full edge attribute and add their hits to the test's total. The rule of six (p. 56), however, only applies to additional Edge dice rolled, not the original dice pool."

This one is pretty simple... I have 5 dice... I roll and get 1 hit. I spend my edge and roll 3 dice... I get 2 more hits. right?

Next is where the real problem came up:

"You may re-roll all of the dice on a single test that did not score a hit."

There are two ways to interpret this.
A. I roll 5 dice, I get 1 hit. I spend my edge and re-roll 4 dice (the ones that had no hits) and then add any new hits to my total.
B. I roll 5 dice, I get no hits (all dice roll below 5), I spend an Edge and re-roll all my dice and count any new hits.

So which is the proper way to handle this?

It's A.

If you roll 5 dice and get 2 hits, spending one of your edge points will let you either add an amount of dice equal to your Edge attribute or re-roll the 3 dice that did not score hits.
well, traditionally (ie, based on my limited recollection of SR3) you had to get at least 1 success to reroll the non-successes. SR4 does not appear to have that functionality, so it looks like you just get to reroll your entire dice pool if you so choose, oddly enough.
Right, thanks Jaid.
Sorry about that. What I meant is that it was both A and B.
But if you choose to re-roll your whole pool you have to stay with the new results, even if it means you don't score any hits, right?
Yeah, you can only spend one Edge on any one roll.

"...that did not score a hit" refers to the dice not to the test in the above. Tests do not really score hits. wink.gif

As in...

"On a single test you may re-roll all of the dice that did not score a hit."

QUOTE (Thanee)
Yeah, you can only spend one Edge on any one roll.

I adjusted this as a house rule, to allow players to spend one Edge before the roll and one Edge after. I kind of like it when players struggle with the choice ahead of time, whether or not to roll edge...
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