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Full Version: Critter Environments
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is there a list on what locations have what kinds of critters? The Critters book only mentions the location in some critter descriptions but that does not help much if I want a list of critters the runners can run into when they are in Seattle or what critters they might run into when they are in the NAN.

The Out of Print "Paranormal Animals of North America" and "Paranormal Animals of Europe" books had the critters environments listed.

Looks like you have to wait for the upcoming Critterbook.
What critters do you want them to run into?

There could be escapees from zoos or corporate research centers. There are paranormal guard animals. Devil rats, gargoyles, etc.
I want a list of regions (Seattle, NAN, Tir Tairngire, Atzlan, etc.) and a list of critters for each region that has critters that are typical for that area.
For example, if the runners are doing a run in the NAN, the wildlife will most likely play a role.

Eeeek... Monster encounter lists for Shadowrun.

Seriously though, pick up a encyclopedia and check the relevant fauna for that part of the world. Then just figure what their Awakened counterparts are going to be.
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