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Full Version: Energy SOTA in SR
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Linked to Railgun and Powered armor Thread

So, what's the point ?
For Aztlan vehicle-mounted Railguns , it's obviously lage capacitors powered by the vehicle power source
For JIM and military armour (mean , who can run 250 Kg of hardened armor without assistance? and for the trigger happy people (you know who you are) that's a human armor , troll should be very heavyer) how is it propelled ?

A problable issue should be cold fusion, fuell-cell're maybe not efficient enought
Any idea ppl ?
Anti-matter... The production has begun, though on a *very* small scale.

All joking aside, you don't need that kind of power to propell an armor, not if it's constructed proberly. About half the energy you use to run gets transferred into the ground, with some kind of spring/energyconservers you could run much faster or longer.
So if the construction is in order, fuel-cells are a viable solution.
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