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Full Version: [SR3] Rune Magic
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For those that might be interested, and don't know, I'm working on a 3rd edition SOTA:2065 book. You can see it under the Community Projects forum.

I'm planning on writing some rules for Rune Magic that makes it useful without making it an initiation type metatechnique. If you go to the projects page you can download the pdf with my initial ideas, but I'm hoping before anyone goes and does that, and it thus possibly influenced by my ideas, you guys could post some ideas for how to handle Rune Magic here for me. Any ideas?
Ancient History
You're aware that Runic Enchanting was presented in SOTA64, right?
Don't have the book next to me to verify, but I thought that was only for purposes of reducing the TN to create Foci using the Enchanting skill. Not actual 'magic' perse. O.o
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