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Full Version: Lonely, so Lonely....
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I have asked this question on here more than once, I'm not sure why I'm asking again, I never find any. If you or your group play SR in or around Louisville KY, please let my ass know. I'm so sick of not playing. If I had a predator I'd shoot someone.
I'm presuming that these folks aren't available anymore.

Have you tried updating the info in the GM/Player registry?

Also check out or your FLGS, most of the ones I've been to have a bulletin board for GMs and Players wanted.

Edit: I'm not sure if this is the best map or not, but it looks like the one that floated around here for awhile with players signing up.
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In California my self, so can't help ya there, sorry. smile.gif
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In California my self, so can't help ya there, sorry. smile.gif

Weren't you in Salt Lake City?
Yup, just moved to northern California, Redding area. Thanks for noticing smile.gif
I'm in Louisville but currently neither of the two gaming groups I hang out with are in SR4 mode.

I'd post notices at the Book & Music on Preston and the Comic Book World on Old Shepherdsville Rd. There're also game stores next to Village 8 on Dutchman's and on Bardstown Road in the Highlands near Molly Malone's that may have a post board.

At B&M talk to Donny; he's the tall, skinny guy with little round glasses who's the biggest gamer geek. Doug's the proprieter of CBW but I think he's more into mini combat (WarHammer) than he is RPGs but might know of someone. The other stores I don't frequent enough to know the staff by name.

B&M, CBW and that place on Dutchman's all have space for people to game. CBW is typically mini but B&M and Dutchmans have RPG and CCG, so you may be able to find some gaming action there, or at least an in to some gaming group.

Unfortunately the 2 groups I know of are very saturated (6-8 players in each) and turning away players. I'll put out some feelers and see if anyone else is actually going to run a game. We've got a couple of "bridesmaid" GMs; the kind of people who are always "just about ready" to run a game but never actually sit behind a screen.
cool, thanks for the advice. Let me know if you hear anything and if you guys get in sr4 mode, even if its just for a few game nights I'd love to sit in maybe as a guest appearance (but without being famous)
I used to live in Louisville and gamed with a few groups there. D20 is the flavor of the day though in the area. A good website to find Louisville based gamers is You may find some SR4 takers if you post something on their boards. Hope this helps.

Wounded Ronin
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QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0 @ Jan 25 2007, 11:20 PM)
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In California my self, so can't help ya there, sorry.  smile.gif 

Weren't you in Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City is a sacred city because that's where they filed Revenge of The Ninja.
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