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Full Version: De-celeration Grips and Foregrips
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Ok. I was wondering if you could put a mounted foregrip on a weapon and get additional RC. Example: If you took an Ares Tommy Gun and put De-cel Hand Grips II on both the main-grip and the foregrip, could you get a total of +4 RC from that? Or rather, would it be legal/acceptable? Or just rules abuse to some degree?
What the hell is De-cell Hand grips II?? Am I missing something?
I was wondering the same thing. Also what's an ares tommy gun?
I'm wondering the same thing.

So... A standard foregrip gives RC1. A personalized handgrip also gives RC1.

"De-cel Hand Grips II" sound like RC2 versions of the above...

I personally wouldn't allow RC on the handgrips of anything with a stock.

Sorry, not clear enough. I meant the _rear_ handgrip. A front handgrip can certainly make a shoulder fired weapon more controllable.
The disadvantages of custom handgrips make them plausible when used rifles, etc., but something without those shouldn't be. However, I'm assuming this is something from non-canon sources.
De-cel grips are from the Shadowrun Supplemental, as is the Ares Tommy Gun. I was using the Tommy Gun as an example. Sorry. >__<
It's good to clarify those things first, Phaeton. As good as the Supllemental is, it is not canon. So when you ask a question about a non canon item it would be good to list the wheres and whats.

Shadowrun Supp. #13
Under new equipment
The handgrips are page 13 of TSS07.
There's a tommy gun on p34 of TSS03, but it's not Ares.

And when he asked me, as his former GM, I told him I'd let it stack, but I'd max the foregrip at a -2 recoil mod, instead of -3. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure a foregrip and padding would work in different ways, and I'm not sure I'd give the bonus for the padded grips on the front anyway.

Personally, I don't like underbarrel mods of most kinds, so I wouldn't bother with this idea on one of my characters.
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