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Full Version: Looking for a program
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I'm looking for a program that will allow me to run a game online.
A simple dice roller client would work, just can't seem to locate one that works. A virtual tabletop wouldn't be too bad, but so far one of us can't seem to run the ones we've located. Fantasy Grounds gives errors, I'd really settle for just a quick dice roller client, that we can use that shows me their die rolls. If it has it's own chat that'd be cool, but we could just use yahoo for chat.

Thanks Chummers

This website allows players to roll up dice and stats, keeping a record of all of their rolls so that the information can be verified by the DM. Also, it gives a link to each die roll so you can post it in your PbeM messages, such as:

d20 Roll (1d20 = 16)

Damage roll (4d6+2 = 21)

Check it out:

Invisible Castle
AIM chatrooms have a dieroller built-in. Invoke with //roll-dice#-sides# , replacing the #s with their relevant values. sides defaults to 6, so most Shadowrun games can leave that out. dice defaults to 2, so you're probably going to want to get in the habit of using that.

I've got my own chatclient as well, but it isn't complete yet.

Thanks chummers
A thread with several virtual tabletop options.
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