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Topic title says it all: What happens to bound spirits, wards and lodges when their magician dies?

Preemptive thanks!
I would imagine that the wards would drop the spirits would depart and the lodges cease to be magical.

Otherwise wouldn't there be loads of them around everywhere?

It is also possible that the spirit completes the task it is currently assigned to but I think that would be up to the GM.

There's nothing that I've seen that says they go away. Wards have their own "shelf life", so they should go away after their set time. As for spirits, they go loose oncee the mage dies. For lodges, I don't think there's anyhting specific anywhere, but I'd rule that it woudl go away after time. Perhaps after a few months of no use, like geomancy. Six months? Not basing that on anything though.
I don't know, personally I'd be inclined to say that the lodge would last until the matrials were scattered, either by relatives selling the various books, ect to the local Talsimonger (Or if they didn't know that uncle Joe was Awakened to a rare bookstore or maybe even recyling plant.), or being looted/destroyed out in the barrens.

The reason that I take this stance is that I think its a cool idea to be able to stumble upon what appears to be an adandoned but magically active lodge and not be sure if you have just hit paydirt or are digging your own grave if you dare to touch anything...

I have lodges last a number of days equal to their force squared, a weak lodge might only last a few days, but the lodge of a high level initiate can last for months.
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