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Full Version: How often are you here?
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It's totally weird sometimes I will write something and I will have a dozen answers before I can hit the refresh button, others it takes hours to get a response. Especially in the Welcome to the Shadows section. So let's see how often the majority of DSF'ers check the boards.
In retrospect, maybe I should've put "every few minutes", but "as fast as I can hit the refresh button" is scarily close to true.

Every few minutes for me, but i think it will slow down a bit once i get back to work
Steel Eyes
When I'm at home every few minutes, at work a couple of times a day.
It depends on how badly I need a fix. grinbig.gif

Or how generally argumentative I happen to be feeling.

I said once an hour, but I was lying, since I've refreshed like 6 times since then. smile.gif

At home once a day, at work pretty much constantly. Something's wrong here.
I tend to keep the various forums that I read frequently all open in one browser, in tabs. When I need a break from working I read a couple messages on different forums, then get back to it. I'm sure that it looks like I'm sitting here reading forums all day, but what you don't see is the work I'm doing on the other computers in my office. At least, not until it's in stores wink.gif
We still don't see it then, because we're too busy hitting refresh on Dumpshock to go to gaming stores.

You only keep one browser window open? There should be a poll category for those who hit refresh all the time with three browsers open.

For example, I keep browsers open to the following action spots:

Shadowrun Forum

Mantid Ladies

and lastly, my super-secret spy list where I watch what you all are doing. The person I watch the most, I keep at the top of the list:

My Spy List
Love that list biggrin.gif

Whoa, that's hardcore. Guess I need to go all Big Brother on this. cool.gif
QUOTE (OurTeam)
You only keep one browser window open?

Every browser I use supports tabs. Tabs are brilliant. Tabs are lovely. Tabbed browsing is not the way of the future; tabbed browsing is the way of now. wink.gif
I always keep a window open with all of the forums that I browse (SR, EQ).

What is this about tabs? Am I that far behind in the tech?
Kanada Ten
Tabs rule. You can be posting in Freespirits and open a tab dropping into Dragons to check a name. That's why links are so badass, like a link to the old forum would be.

Tabs is a Mozilla invention, and Netscape 7.1 has them. Right click links and hit, OPEN IN NEW TAB.

The only thing I want is tabs at the bottom and not the top, but...
If you like IE, there's also a "browser" called Avant that uses the IE rendering engines but adds tabs and some other features; some people I know recommend it highly. Mozilla 1.5 and Mozilla Firebird 0.7 for Windows/Unix/Mac support tabs, as does Safari for Mac OSX 10.2 -- the browser I'm using currently, and it rocks hardcore.

Opera also does tab-like things, using a more traditional multiple document interface.
I should change my vote to as fast as I can hit the refresh button... Dammnit.
Hey Kan -- how do you like Netscape 7.1?

Net 7 blows. I use it at work (I am forced) we run into all kinds of incompatibility problems with everything (opening docs in browser for one). If your interested in Tabs I recommend Opera, a far, far superior browser to either explorer or Net, though it does take some elbow grease to set up. But it is pretty awesome. And Free!!
Kanada Ten
Netscape 6 really sucked.

Netscape 7.0 sucked less, much less.

And Netscape 7.1 is pretty good. I like it better than IE x for ease of use, and haven't had any of Shadow's problems since I ungraded to .1 though I keep all the other programs (Acrobat, Flash, ect) up to date. It handles well and never sits idle like IE 6.0 looking for the network connection. At home it apparently works on chatrooms and such, as I hear no complaints from the user. I only go on there with my kid for Nick and Cartoon Network, for which it handles Flash and Quicktime fine.

If I had more problems I'd probably switch to Opera or Mozilla, but for now we're cool. I only run Windows 98 First Edition on both machines though.

My two requests for it are: Tabs at the bottom and a "Refresh All Tabs" button biggrin.gif
I don't see any reason to run Netscape over a more recent Mozilla version, unless the work for some sort of organization that has standardized on Netscape.
Kanada Ten
It has to do with the "brand" name issue. If I want to go through the work of finding all the information on Mozilla and convincing my boss it's the way to go, I could do that (the latter being more difficult). But if Netscape works...

Nothing beats work like the Status Quo.
Hence, organization standardized upon. I have no such issues, being that I work for a company small enough and technically adept enough to recognize that everyone should use what works best for them.

[Although we've pretty much standardized on Safari because it's f'ing brilliant. smile.gif]
Except for the past week or so, I'm normally here pretty much constantly as long as I have access.

But y'all pretty much knew that already. biggrin.gif
Tsk. Keep on topic, guys. smile.gif
Talia Invierno
And thus I won't say anything about Netscape ... which just happens to fit handily into that adage about when not to say anything.

It would have been every day, refreshing regularly for an hour or so, but that frequency's been decreasing. Depressing thing is, I keep having this feeling there's about ten or so conversations I've left hanging without intending to, and now they're forever lost in the back threads.
Indeed. I find myself juggling the whole board for fear of letting a ball I really wanted to keep track of roll beneath the couch.

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