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Full Version: Just wanted to see part two.
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Once again I just want to see how people make thier characters.
At CharGen, I'llusuallyhave Attribute 5, Skill 5 with Specality, and some type of Quality/Magic/Gear bonus. (Say, a smartlink...) So it'll be 12-14 on that one thing, but I try to have two or three other skills in the 8-10 range.

I want a combat skill, a social skill, a stealth skill, and a medical skill for every character I build, with at least 8 dice (two "purchased" hits, 2.667 hits on average) behind it.
Kyoto Kid
...I voted 10 - 13 for the major specialties. (average 11 -12) Secondaries at about 8.

KK4.3 is the only one who breaks this ceiling with a DP of 16 in Katana (Blades: 6 + Spc: Katana, + Agility: 5 + Reach 1, + Power 2 WF)

Her DP with her Warhawks is 13 (Pistols 4 + Spc Revolvers + Agility 5 + Smartlink).

One secondary skill she has at a good level is Street Etiquette at with a DP of 10 (Etiquette 3 + Spc Street + Charisma 3 + First Impression quality). She may be dumb as a brick, but she is at least polite about it.
Assuming this is for SR3? Could be wrong, so rather than vote:

It depends on the character. If I'm in a larger gaming group and can spec more, (and keep in mind that I'm rarely a player), then probably 12ish for my primary skill, counting pool. Maybe more. I like to have more than 2 skills, so I'm actually known to make a starting character that doesn't have sixes in everything. I know, a shock. biggrin.gif
I went with 14+ dice, but that's because I normally craft combat specialists, who should have that many dice. It's not hard to get that many dice, either. You don't need to take Exceptional Attribute, Aptitude, or really hard max anything (except skills, since there is no extra cost for that).

I usually get a primary skill of 6 with a specialization, though. A sammie with Agility: 5(7) and a skill group such as firearms at 4 will only start out at 11 dice (13 including smartlink bonuses). 10-13 is accetptable for a more well-rounded combat character.

More generalist characters can get by with the 8-10 range for a lot of stuff. This is fairly easy to do, since most characters will have at least one Attribute of 5 or so that can be used for many skills, and there are lots of ways to improve ratings (vision enhancement for perception, tailored pheromes or kinesics for social skills, synthcardium for athletics skills, etc.). Even the combat-specialized characters that I create tend to have a number of skills in this range.
Hey Scandalous -- please use more descriptive subject lines for your polls than "Just wanted to see" -- thanks!
also edited...

although it's a good attention grabber. I opened it just 'cause I wanted to see what he wanted to see. biggrin.gif
For a primary speciality, most PCs I make must be able to buy (should the GM allow) 4 hits. So that's 16 dice, no less.

For secondary skills, they should be able to get 2 hits. If it is a skill I think a GM would want me to roll, I'd go for 6-9 dice (always with the option to boost it with high Edge). If not, I'd go for 8 dice.
In my group we usually have combat specialists around the 15-16 dice mark (something on the order of 5(7) skill, 5(7) agility and smartlink), with other stuff (B&E, magic, hacking) probably around a 12-14, less if it's usually bought in a group skill. Secondary skills that see a fair amount og use are probably about 8-10.

It's "easy" for a starting gunbunny to hit that 16 dice mark, but beyond that it starts getting quite tricky and you can wind up sacrificing a lot. I would be very interested in seeing this poll re-done with "14-16" and "17+" options.
QUOTE (eidolon)
Assuming this is for SR3? Could be wrong, so rather than vote:

Given it's in the SR4 forum... Probably not. smile.gif
I cannot answer this, since it very much depends on the kind of specialty.

Combat simply has more dice than Driving, for example.

There are some areas, where you simply get more bonus dice...

Usually spread my skills out a bit more than most here. My old character was only throwing 8 dice for pistols and my new one throws around 10 for spells, pistols, blades, and throwing knives thanks to heavy specialization.
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