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Full Version: Urgent need for advice!
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hello. i have this problem about the ruthenium polymers (again). this time, a player wanted to cover a form-fitting full-body suit, complete with a mask covering the mouth and nose and a visir build into the hood. i didn't have a problem with the design of the suit (it can't be that hard to make), but my main concern is the cost of the ruthenium...

it's really annying me that i can only work with a price based in square meters...
so please people! i need to know how many square meters it would take to cover the entire skin of this character (who happens to be a slim-build gnome).
and i need to know soon.
I'd call it at 3 or 4 square meters.
i just had this idea, that maybe you could base this issue on how big a rain coat is (still keeping in mind that this is a gnome, roughly 1 meter in height and slim build).
i think a rain coat is somewhat bigger than the precise measure of his skin, but it would certainly be a help if anyone happened to know how many square meters a rain coat is if unfolded (say a kid's rain coat, since it is a gnome we're talking about).

Edit: I just pulled my own winter coat out of the closet and placed it on the midle of the floor and looked at it.
this coat reaches the top of my thighs, which would be consistent to cover a gnome (if the coat is re-designed, but using the same amount of materials).

my judgement of the coat's size (roughly) would be that without the sleeves, the coat is 1 meter long and the average width is 0,9 meters, making it 0,9 square meters without the sleeves.
the sleeves are 30 centi meters around and including the hand in the length it's 08 meters.
0,3 X 0,8 = 0,24 meters per sleeve. so for both sleeves this is 0,48 and plus the somewhat inaccurate estimated size of the rest this makes for a total of 1,38 square meters.
Body Surface Area Calculator

This will tell you approximately how much surface area a person has. Input their height and weight, get the number, and adjust to taste.
thanks! smile.gif

the calculater states 0,89 meters. this is very helpful. i'll round it up to 1 full meter as the price is only so accurate (and the difference is only 1000 nuyen).
that really helped me alot here!

i love these forums. so easy getting help around here. smile.gif
.89 meter squared? That seems mighty suspicious.. I mean just my waist to my neck is a meter, and I've got a 36 waist (yes, I'm skinny)... so that means my torso should be 1m^2 all on its own...
nezumi, if you're roughly 1 square meter above the waist, it sounds about right that a slim-build gnome might be 0,89 square meters total.
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