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Eryk the Red
So I'm designing this critter and I just want to see what everyone thinks about it. Mostly the stats are what I'm concerned about, the fluff is how I like it. It's admittedly hokey, because this thing is really meant to be something a little fun.

Here goes:

It's called the urban gator, the sewer gator, the city behemoth, or something similar. It appears to be a distinct breed or subspecies of behemoth. It's basically a huge, bulky alligator. It's about 2.5 meters tall at the shoulder, and 6 meters long, nose to the tip of the tail. 2.5 meters of length are the gator's long, serpentine tail. The gator's snout is somewhat shortened and stubby, with a number of tough, bony protrusions around the nostrils and chin.

Urban gators live underground, usually in sewers, abandoned subways or similar environments. They prefer very moist locations. They commonly feed on devil rats and other vermin, but are very territorial and show particular hostility to metahumans. Urban gators are often found alone, except at the central nest of an area, where the "mother gator", the massively obese and immobile matriarch, lives and is guarded by a number of other gators. The nest is usually created by the mother gator early in life by burrowing deeper underground with her elongated forelegs and claws.

B12 A6 R4 S20 C1 I5 L1 W5

Essence - 6
Magic - 6
IP - 2

Hardened Armor - 8
Aversion to bright light - double all glare penalties; gator will attempt to retreat to darkness when exposed to bright lights
Bite attack - DV 10 (if DV, including net hits from attack, but before damage resistance, exceeds target's Body, target is also held, as with subdual; a further successful attack can swallow target, which causes the target DV 5 acid damage every turn, but gator cannot further attack target directly)
Headbutt, tail whip attacks - DV 10 (stun), Reach 2

Does anything seem off? Too weak, too strong, etc?
Too tall at the shoulder. Damn things wouldn't be able to fit through most of the sewer mains.

Gators are low to the ground, long lean sneaky bastards. That said, a 20 foot gator isn't unheard of, and 30 footers aren't impossible... apparently the crocs (close relatives) of the nile in the bad ol' days of pyramid building were that size. You're talking close to a ton of heavily armored lizard.

Make it a meter at the shoulder and lengthen him up a bit perhaps and you've got something pretty damn scary. Don't think immoble matriarchs are that smart though, sounds like bug thinking, not lizard thinking.
Eryk the Red
Take him down to 2 meters, maybe? Honestly, my primary goal here was to make it large enough to believably get a person in its mouth. Though simply saying it's got an over-sized head might be enough.
QUOTE (Spike)
Make it a meter at the shoulder and lengthen him up a bit perhaps and you've got something pretty damn scary. Don't think immoble matriarchs are that smart though, sounds like bug thinking, not lizard thinking.

I have to agree with these conclusions.

Concerning the size. I have seen some 12 to 15 foot long gators IRL and they would have NO problem eating my leg whole.

I would make him 10 meters long with 3.5 to 4 of that tail and you have a gator critter that could eat a metahuman; well, except a troll maybe.

Also, I would add that after ingesting prey, the gator won't fight any more. They only eat when not threatened.
You don't need to be tall to have a big mouth. Remember these things about Gators:

A) their snout tends to be nearly half the lenght of their body

B) they love to rip their food into chunks as part of the killing process. Your gator will get his chompers on your leg, say, and just start spinning. Thats a few thousand pounds of torque he's got going there and he'll rip the leg right off of you. Shock and bloodloss will finish the job of killing you, and even if it don't... well, he's got your leg.

A thirty foot gator should be at least as strong as a Troll and a hell of a lot tougher. And unlike the troll, he's got some serious armor going on...(impact least wise...)
I saw a gator in the wild that was over 15'. Not sure how long exactly because its tail was wrapped around out of sight, but there was about 15' of it showing. The thing's body was as big around as an oil drum (more oval shaped though as it sunned itself on the bank.) Having been told Gators can run 30 or 40 mph for short bursts, I was thinking this thing could eat a compact car. It definitely could eat anything it could catch. It wasn't any 30', but it looked stronger than a troll to me.

On the same trip, I passed a little roadside picnic area wth a family with little kids eating lunch. Directly across the road from them in the canal were at least 2 gators I'd estimate at about 8-12'. I couldn't help thinking they were getting ready to have lunch.

I agree with some of the respondants that you want the critters to be small enough to get through the underground tunnels. A gator or crocs mouth opens much wider than the critter stands at the shoulder, and critters eat all kinds of things that couldn't stand upright in their maws.
Eryk the Red
I wasn't quite looking for this to be just a giant alligator. He's definitely gator-like, but he does have different proportions. His snout is proportionately shorter and taller than a real alligator, and as for his fighting/eating habits... he's a plot device. He might stop eating after he swallows someone, but he won't stop fighting. He's territorial.

I'm gonna drop the bit about gator nests; for some reason, it sounded like a better idea at the time. If for some reason it comes up, I'll assume they live in small family groups and hunt independently.

So I'm looking at this thing being a little less than two meters at the shoulder, and closer to 7 or 8 from snout to the tip of the tail.

Plausibility doesn't really concern me overmuch with his size; I mostly want a creature who is impressively large and takes up a lot of space while remaining very fast.
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