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Full Version: Unofficial Information: SR4 4th Printing
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>Any idea when the 4th print run will be ready? I know it's at the
>bindery, but have they given you any indication at all of when the
>book should be shipping out?

We're still waiting on definitive dates, though it looks like it will
be shipping to our warehouse next week. As soon as we have a street
release date we'll post it on the website.

Rob Boyle
FanPro LLC

Got an email from FanPro. Looks like the 4th print run of 4th edition should be in their warehouse next week, which is one step closer to the book being back in stock.

Note that this was private correspondence and should not be considered the official word.
Sweet, I want to have one of those 4th printing books with all the errata worked in. smile.gif


Joy. That means I'll soon be able to get my download update to my PDF. And assuming that getting this done was holding up Emergence (it might have been!), then that's one step closer to Arsenal which is what I really want!
Jack Kain
Well if the upcoming releases are to be believed (which I doubt) Both Emergence and Arsenal are due out the first quarter of 2007.
So If everything is still on track we should be seeing them both my March 31st.

But I think Douglas Adams said it best about deadlines.
"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
That would be cool, but in all honesty, I would rather wait 3 month longer for a book, than have to use a rush job for the next couple years.

Of course, the best would be (almost) no errors and on time. biggrin.gif

yo thanee, as a contractor freind of mine says you can have two out of three things, lower cost, faster finish or higher quality, but only two out of those three.
Life you, I'll wait oh so impatiently for higher quality but then I'll bitch that things aren't coming out quickly enough so that I get higher quality
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