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I wanted to hear some funny stories about out thinking the GM. Either your players out thought you or you were a player and out thought them.

To give you an example:
A friend of mine was running a pick up game of SR3. The run was a corp execs kid was taken by another corp. Our job was to break into a corp facility and get the kid back. What made it worse was that it was right across the border so we had to be careful about our equipment.

So I spend at lot of time on leg work. I figured out who is in control of security there and where their family was at the time. I made the GM think that we were going to use this to try and get access codes. We just captured the security cheif's wife and child and traded for the kid. We did the run in a park we had under two snipers. Not a single problem. Or course it byassed all the conflict of the run but we got paid the same.

What has happened with you?
I was in a game where the team was to get in to a medium sized corps research facility to rescue a test subject. It wasn't affiliated directly with any megas, but it had tight security. After watching the place for a while, it was decided an assault was too tough. So, we had our Decker set up a bypass on the external phone cable and wait. Our mage summoned a strong water elemental and used it to to reverse the sewer flow and cause the toilets all over the building to erupt with nasty stuff. When the call went out for service, the decker intercepted the call and the team went in disguised as a clean up crew. There was so much chaos from the Fire and rescue people, the health department and so on, that they got in and only had to stun a couple of guards. To evade other trouble, they told a health department person about the other people who needed evacuation from the "infirmary." The swarms of badges and suits headed that way gave us time to get the rest of the way out.

Another run we were supposed to take out a gang, or at least weaken it. The GM wanted a big shoot-em-up. We thought otherwise given how tough the gang was. So, we spent some time watching them, then snipered their Street Shaman. Nasty combo of sniper rifle and manaball. A few days after that, our Shaman used a spirit's concealment power to crawl under the gang's HQ, which was a house in a run down neighborhood and plant a bomb made by our demo guy. Then we hit a few isolated groups of them and when a bunch of the rest went to HQ to get the good guns: boom! Our mage's fire elemental whipped up the fire into an inferno and roasted the survivors.
Buddy of mine wanted to GM, so I took a break and let him. Unfortunately, he had an unfortunate habit of getting too attached to his NPCs. Everyone else playing the game were people I had recruited. They were fairly new, still a little into the "I'm a good person" D&D rut, in my opinion. Not that I ALWAYS play bastards in Shadowrun, but I believe they exist. The only constant amongst experienced shadowrunners in my opinion is professionalism. I end up playing an amoral rigger/smuggler name of Enrique Maritinez, aka "Speedy"(epa epa, andele, ariba!) Anyways, we're all in a bar(coincidentally) when all of a sudden, a bunch of anti-human orc gangers decide to try to geek everyone in the place. Combat took about three seconds. They pulled light pistols/knives and got a long burst/power bolt/adept ass kicking from me and the other players. Then we went back to sipping on our drinks, saying nothing(bar was in the middle of the barrens, supposedly.) So the bartender was like, "You guys Shadowrunners? I got a job for ya!"

I, along with my fellow players, all responded with something along the lines of, "Shadowrunners? Us? Nah, thats illegal." So my friend is all like, "Fine, then get outa my bar." Apparently we were supposed to jump at the chance to incriminate ourselves/broadcast our highly illegal career as soon as some random bartender asked us nicely.

So we rewind, start over(after killing the gangers) and he offers us a job. Apparently, a former Tir Ghost turned runner(!) had disappeared after being hired to retrieve some prototype weapon from a corp facility near the border, and this drekhead was his buddy and he wanted us to go find the guy and bring him back, alive or dead. If dead, we get the amount his Johnson had agreed to pay him, divided amongst ourselves, plus a bonus from the bartender. If alive, we just get the bartender fee plus a bonus.

So, we go in, rescue his ass, taking apart a few squads of Ghosts(beginning level characters, again. Stupidest Ghosts I ever encountered.) A quick note about payment. Turns out, the pay for delivering the prototype to the Johnson, even divided us amongst each party member, was more than the reward from bringing back the elf alive. So... we got payed more if he was dead. As soon as we were headed back from grabbing the prototype, I emptied a long burst into the back of his head. Unfortunately, due to some horrendous dice rolls on my part, he survived and whacked me, since my goody two shoes runner friends stood aside on their moral high ground. AND I had forgotten to tell my two drones to empty their LMG into him as well, since I had assumed the burst would be enough. You know what they say about assumptions.

Anyways. My friend Paul acted like I had kicked his favorite pet, because I had tried to kill his NPC, that he had obviously modeled as the "Cap'n Badass" guy. More a case of an inexperienced GM, than us "out thinking" him, but then again, it's hard to out think someone who is technically omniscient.
I had a paranoid Troll Combat Mage who REALLY got tired of shady Mr Johnsons. So he did his leg work on the Johnson and put out a time delay open bounty on him. The Troll had to make repeated calls to prevent it but would also update the file on him on a server. He basically put up his savings all the time because he figured he wouldn't need it. He did this on every Johnson he worked for. One johnson was able to figure it out and backed out of his plans to double cross him.

I even used that in a plot I ran where the group that normally ran with him couldn't find him. After a while they discovered the object they were supposed to steal was already stolen by the Troll. Then they found out that the bounty had gone out for a Mr Johnson. The Troll was missing and they were later hired by another group to take out the Troll. They took it to keep someone else from taking it. Then they went on a game of how much do you really know about the person next to you as they went through the Troll's life trying to figure out who he really was and where he was. When they found him in a magical coma and the only thing that the shaman could find out was that the Troll was worried about a wife and child they didn't know he had, they were totally flabergasted.
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