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Or any other piece of Constuction/Ag equipment?
Just curious if anyone would be interested in any of the current technology or where it could scale up to in the world of shadowrun. Maybe it's not a subtle runners style but a bulldozer on remote could be pretty effective even without any mods.

I have been thinking about doing some writing on the subject (I have the CAT tractor performance handbook in my hands right now.)
John Campbell
Rigger 3 has stats for the Mesametric Kodiak earthmover. Drone-rigged bulldozer/backhoe. It's slow and unarmed, but is better armored than some APCs... you're not going to even dent it with anything that's not loading AV rounds. A little after-market customization, and you've got a budget tank. And only Availability 4!

Its alternate skin is the CAT Heavyweight. Whether that's Caterpillar or Cross I don't know.
*chuckles* Especially good at taking out vehicles. Just flip them with the bucket.
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