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Alright, I am an artist. A solo artist. And that means that when I get an idea to start something it is usually just me thinking about it and working on it and that is no fun. It also doesn't work for me, if I am going to get anything done in a timely manner I am going to need someone working with me along the way so that I don't lose focus and let the project fall to the wayside like so many others.

So what does that mean? I need a chummer who wants to help in the creation of a shadowrun webcomic, someone who is dedicated to the idea and someone who can put up with my rambling ideas and general BS. I am looking for a creative kindred who will throw out ideas, shoot down or praise my own, and who also quite possibly has some artistic skill as well, though it is not a definite prerequisite.

Here is my Deviantart Page if you would like to check some of my work, the scraps section holds some of the sketches from the last SR Webcomic idea I was working on.


So, any takers?
emo samurai
Dude, me.

And sorry about today; I was feeling burnt out, and I was just like "fuck it" after a while. it won't happen again.
We have talked about your story, but we haven't really talked about it.

Also, I wasn't on today, I had other issues and I also broke my has been an off day for me too.
I would be interested in the project. As a graphic designer, I can give objective criticism, as well as help with some of the workload. I also GM alot ... and love to weave storylines. What kind of comic are you thinking of? I also don't mind loading up Daz3d and using that for some of the scenes.
I'm in.
If you haven't already check my deviantart page.
I kind of a couple of storylines buzzing around in my head, but none of them are really complete or too layed out right now that I am set on any one particular. What I really want is to have Instant Messenger conversations with people to see what kind of feel you are looking for, how well we work together and can bounce ideas off each other and if we are thinking along the same lines for the general thing. I can be reached on either of my instant messengers anytime I am online (which is most of the day usually) and those can both be found in my profile info (both AIM and YIM).
I like your art style, and I'm pretty good with storylines, contact me and we can brainstorm, bounce ideas off each other.
emo samurai
I'll be on tonight.
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