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If anyone out there has problems writig there character histories I am willing to write them for you.

After writing many of my teams histories I am willing to write them. All I need is name:
country/place of birth:

I will fill in the rest for you. If there is anything specific that you want added in let me know.

name: Ghost
sex: Male
meta: Human
parents: Dead or otherwise permanantly out of the picture
siblings: Unknown (i.e. only if the GM brings them in for some reason)
speciality: Stealth and Chemical Warefare
country/place of birth: Seattle
age/birthday: 28/Scorpio

Heavily cybered, but very little direct combat cyberware (smartlink, ultrasound vision mod, cyber dart pistol). None of the cyber (exept possibly the eyes) is visible from the outside, so he looks mundane. Has all three toxin filters (blood scrubbers, air scrubbers, and the ingested poison one). Standard practice when he needs to take out foes: Drop combo neurostun/IR Smoke grenades, and clean up with dart guns firing non-letal toxins. The chemical filters implanted take care of the neurostun, and the ultrasound vision mods allow him to see through the smoke. Prefers to use toxins and poisons for use in wetwork missions as well. He has a variety of bugs, both video and audio, that broadcast encrypted, and his headware radio and encrypt/decrypt gear picks up, and he can then feed to his image link, and share with allies via the same and a transducer (the one that lets you talk over a headware radio without actually talking out loud)
name: Eugene Harris
sex: Male
meta: Human
parents: Simon and Elayne Harris
siblings: 1, deceased
speciality: biogenic warfare
country/place of birth: ?
age/birthday: 33, January 27

Suprise me...

country/place of birth:
age/birthday:Jan 10th (same as me!)

I usually play characters that are good at a little bit of everything and can hold there own at combat
Anyone else need one
Kyoto Kid
...well, if you can condense a 110 page novella It would be interesting to see your take in my namesake, KK.
110 pages thats a lot i'll give it a go if you want
Someone is a little obsessed with thier char.
Kyoto Kid
...nah, actually did it as a writing exercise after reading through a thread on this forum that fielded the question "why would someone become a shadowrunner?'

[pause to think]

...OK, well maybe a little bit, after all she is my fave...

If you still manage to hold down a job, make it to your sessions, and have some forms of relationships with other human beings, then your obsession is allowable.
Kyoto Kid
...yes to all the above, which is why I am not totally up on the expanded SR4 magic rules. I have other things to do with my time than read rules books cover to cover.

Besides the weather is getting nice again & I'm tired of hibernating during our sopping wet winters here.
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