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Full Version: German Releases
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Anyway that someone can get an english version of the Germany releases.

Would one just have to buy a PDF and then run it through some sort of translater?
Rotbart van Dainig
There are no german PDFs.
Not even for german-only releases.

Given the notoriously bad editing of german releases and the hilarious results of automated translators, I don't even want to imagine what the results would look like...

Not that the german material is that worth getting.
A tranlsated summary of the german only release 'Schockwaves' is available on

The sourcebook Target:AGS was reeased for SR3 and most likely will not be translated in any way. For SR4, Fanpro D released 'Munich Noir' in 2006 and the upcoming SOX sourcebook. Depending on the demand, a similar freebie for the international audience might be possible at a later point in time.

And since opinions differ, I'd say that some of the releases are quite worth getting.
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