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Full Version: The Atlantean Foundation
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I'm doing some research about the AF. I'd appreciate if somebody could give me a hand.

Who are they, what do they want and who are the most prominent members?

Also, what's their relationship with Dragons and IEs?

(No, I do not have Threats)

Thanks! smile.gif
I believe they, or a cult spin-off of them, is detailed in YotC. I also remember a mention of them in T:Wastelands (under-water operations). And I believe they are also mentionned in DotSW as being crackpots no one really cares about. I could be mistaking them for the Dragon cult though. Well, that's enough acronyms for one day.
Pretty sure you're mistaking them for the Children of the Dragon. IIRC, the Atlantean Foundation is large enough that you have to pay them some heed, regardless of how much or little you respect their views.

He's confusing them with Ale'i Menathisomething, the guys that used ASIST technology to "awake" Atlanteans.

So, what's the Atlantean Foundation, after all??
The Atlantean Foundation is a group devoted to recovering artifacts -- particularly magical ones -- that prove the existance of the lost city of Atlantis. It's supposedly run by an IE who it trying to get enoguh juju together to raise Atlantis (Thera? Sorry, not too big on ED history). IIRC, he/she posts as Hecate on Shadowland as well as in the Aztlan soucebook.

The Abstruse One
Enough speculation children, listen to teacher.

The society is detailed in Threats 1. It was founded in 2012, one year after the awakening, in Atlanta, Georgia with the idea of recovering the lost wisdom of Atlantis. They were taken as new age fruit loops proof.gif but they have a lot of financial backing. They have run archeological expeditions to find artifacts. The organization has been run since it's start by Sheila Blatavska. A mysterious recluse who is also an expert on Grecian art and runs around the matrix under the name "Hecate." Threats lists Hecate as the goddess of magic.
[What it doesn't say is that she was also a Goddess of the afterworld and one of the way's modern new ager acknowledge death as part of the circle of reincarnation. I don't know if this was left out of Threats on purpose. I don't believe the author of that section was unaware of the image.pumpkin.gif]
The Foundation has worked with various universities which have reported big breakthroughs in magical theory with the foundation's help.

So much for fact.

specualtion is that Blatavaska is an immortal elf. She is trying to recover artifacts from her old home Thera, which was part of the Earthdawn world and
was the source of the legends of Atlantis. The name is also very close to that of a russian woman from the late 19th century who founded a quasireligion based on secret lore passed on by spectral hidden masters who were higher souls looking after humanity.

The society may be trying to recover all artifacts from the Earthdawn period not just Thera, this would put them in conflict with other IE's like those in the two Tir's and Africa.

The society hires runners to recover artifacts they cannot buy legally. It is also possible they hire runners to silence individuals who have too much knowledge the society wants kept quiet.

Here endeth the lesson.
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