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Full Version: buying initiation with BP's
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I'm gonna be running a campaign where the PC's start with 600 BP's soon. I want to let the PC's initiate at least once. How many BP's do you think it should cost to get level 1 initiation? level 2? Level 1 initiation is only 12 karma so I'm thinking 10xinitiation level bought individually so the cost increases exponentially 10 BP for level 1 initiation, 30 for level 2, 60 for level 3 ect.
Well, considering that you don't buy Stats, Skills, or Qualities using that type of system I personaly don't like it. I'd rather use a set cost per Grade and call it good, either 10 or 15 BPs per Grade considering that all you really get is access to a new Meta-magic.

I would also 1/2 the cost if the player also used one of the Trials that actually costs the character something other then rp, like an Oath, writing a Magical Thesis, the trial that gives you extra Flaws, ect...
ask franktrollman. he has an entire advancement system based purely on BPs.
QUOTE (imperialus)
I'm gonna be running a campaign where the PC's start with 600 BP's soon.

It's your call, but I've always had better luck with starting at 400BPs, and then giving a lump sum of Karma for PC advancement. For 600 BPs, I'd probably do 400BP and 300 Karma. IMO, this creates characters that work out a little more balanced.

When using this system, I do a 1 karma = 2500 nuyen.gif exchange rate. Of course, you do need to adjust availability on the nuyen spent after creation. (I go up to 16 availability and allow Beta-grade 'ware.)
I'm with dunner. Would be easier to just give karma and "post creation" nuyen that is usable for higher availability items.
I would have to agree. The 400 BP setup works, but when I've looked at it once you tack on a considerable amount of extra BP (more than about 50) I see it get a bit messy. Karma on the other hand is built specifically to deal with the characters post-BP and therefor works out a good deal cleaner.
good points. That should work well actually. Thanks.
Our group is starting out at 600 BP - and my mage has 6 levels of Initiation (need them to cover Masking & Extended Masking for a Magic 6 attribute). Looking over the BP Costs and Karma Costs tables/pages, we have a rough 1 BP = 2 KP system in place. Enterprising little Munchkin that I am, I worked out the KP costs for each level after factoring in a 40% discount from belonging to a cabal and undertaking an initiation ordeal at level before slicing those KP in half for the BP cost. smile.gif
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