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I am preparing for the first sr4 missions and read "on the run".... There you have to hack the commlink of an ork-rockstar. You have to break in his room and hack it there or get it out....

Well it is wireless, so why can't you hack it from outside, without even seeing it? Is it only possible to hack Commlinks (or everything) when you can see it?

I havn't read that one but... It might just have a really low signal, in which case you could send messages, but it couldn't communicate back. That means that you wouldn't really know it is there since it couldn't return your ping.

The room might have wireless blocking wallpaper and to communicate out of the room you have to plug the commlink into a jack which is hardwired to a seperate node or sat link.
The other problem with trying to hack it from the outside, is, which commlink is it? There are thousands of commlinks at that warehouse, at least dozens of them in the backstage area, so how do you choose?

If you set off an alarm while your searching thru all those signals (after all, there is some corp handlers for their boy), you may not have time to then go physically, or may have the corp people sick the Black Fang? gang on your tail.

And the final reason, well, since he isn't wearing it, he may have turned it off. That is the reason that I usually use when I run players thru this adventure
Thanks for the fast replies. So you can't see who does belong to which commlink unless you already hacked it? But in general you can hack any device without having a line of sight, am i right?

In general, yes.

What you go for is the signal. There may be ways for you to sort out which is the signal you want, if you are already familiar with it.
Guye Noir
You don't really need to be in range of the specific commlink either. If it's on the Matrix, and you are too, you can just jump from node to node until the signal gets to your target. The Matrix is basically the Internet, any computer (commlink) can talk to any other computer anywhere in the world. Physical distances are meaningless. But Mistwalker is right, there's hundreds of commlinks in the wharehouse and billions on the Matrix overall. There's no way of knowing which specific one you want without first knowing it's commcode.

Of course, all of this is moot if the commlink you want to hack into is turned off...
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