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I had a brain storm (While thinking is painful brain storms are a killer) Sorry 5am and I need sleep lol.

Anyway heres the idea that hit me useing the rules as they are printed (yes feel free to use Street Magic) make characters that have the powers and/or abilities of the gods.

Herkules, Zues, Loki, Thor so on and so forth any of the main stream well know gods reguardless of the area of the world Europe, Asia, Middle East, Far East, Egypt ect. ect.

Remember some of these gods and or in some cases half gods appeared compleately human so keep that in mind and have some fun I hope.
This had better not show up in any of our sessions as NPC/Threats!!
Sounds like fun, but FWIW, there's a new game coming out with this exact same theme. White wolf's publishing Scion in April.
No worries Magus this is just something that I thought some people might think was a cool character idea.

Although no posts from anyone other than your commet of not wanting them to be npc's and Dunners comment of the new game coming out I guess I was wrong.

Sadly most of my threads on here die quickly seems most of what I come up with most people consider useless oh well till the next thought hits me.............
Unfortunately creating greek gods, or any divine being that is technically unkillable, doesn't work well. Norse gods are far more doable, as they can be killed but are quite tough.
I really wasn't looking to have people make the unkillable gods just...... I guess how to put it....... Make characters that can do the things the gods could do.

Magus is in my home group and he said something along the lines of a mage calling himself Zeus with a I think he said spell focus of ball lightening? (please feel free to jump in and corrcet me Magus)

But by no means unkillable I guess think along the lines of characters who have because of the things they can do taken up the names of the gods weather they belive they are gods or not is purely background story.

As I said though reguardless of what they think they can be killed they are after all starting level characters and they have stats and according to the rules if it has stats it can be killed lol.

I've got one. It's not a mythological deity but it's close enough and from greek myth. Will need to write it up first, though, so be patient. wink.gif

Cool can't wait to read it I am thinking about trying to put together one that kinda fits to hercules.

Probally adept but I could go bio or cyber
How about making a band of free spirits who think they're greek gods? wink.gif
Hehe that sounds interesting but that would seem to me to be more of an npc thing.
Could be hard to make gods under SR4 rules without completely throwing caps out the window, and the abilities of most gods don't merge well into a rigid system, I think.

But let's see, with caps:

Thor - Norse god of Thunder

Attributes: B 6(9)(+1), A 5, R 5(6)(+3), S 7(10), C 4, I 2, L 3, W 4, M 40, E 6.

INIT/IP: 8/2, CM: 13/10

Qualities: Aptitudes(Throwing Weapons), Toughness, Will to Live 3, Guts, Exceptional Attribute(Strength), Resistance to Toxins, Adept, Mentor(Dragonslayer).

Main skills: Clubs 6(9)(Hammers +2), Throwing Weapons 7(10)(Overhand +2), Unarmed Combat 6(9), Perception 4, Stealth Group 4, Athletics Group 4, Navigation 6, Survival 5, Etiquette 2, Intimidation 6, Leadership 5, Pilot Exotic Vehicle(Flying Goat-drawn Chariot) 6.

Powers: Combat Sense 3, Critical Strike 6, Improved Strength +3, Improved Body +3, Improved Clubs 3, Improved Throwing Weapons 3, Improved Unarmed Combat 3, Improved Reflexes 1, Mystic Armor 5, Natural Immunity 5, Pain Resistance 6, Inertia Strike, Smashing Blow, Iron Will 2, Missile Mastery, Quick Draw(Hammer), Penetrating Strike 3, Power Throw 28.

Dragonslayer: +2 dice for Intimidation, -1 die to all actions if he's broken a promise (until he can attone).

Metamagics(Initiate Grade 34): Adept Centering, Attunement(Hammer, +17 dice), Masking, Extended Masking.

Gear: Mjölnir(Attuned War Hammer: DV (STR/2+2)P, Reach 1), Goat Drawn Chariot with Anchored Create Lightning spell, Force 10).

Armor: Leather + Mystic Armor: 7/7.

Weapons: Unarmed [DV 11S, AP -3], Mjölnir [DV 7P, +1 Reach], Mjölnir Thrown [DV 36, Range 66m/132m/198m/330m]

There, how's that for a thunder god? grinbig.gif

Personally, I'd add an advanced Metamagic that allows him to use Adept Powers to augment the hammer, and I'd allow him to buy the Spell Knack (One Less Giant) with the Geas that it can only be used through the attuned hammer. But you said according to the book.
Oops! You meant STARTING characters, hmm... that's tougher. I'll see what I can come up with.
Alright, he's pretty much a one-trick pony:

Thor - Ork Nutcase Mystic Adept

Attributes: B 7, A 4, R 3, S 8, C 3, I 2, L 1, W 3, M 6, E 1.

Qualities: Mystic Adept, Mentor Spirit, Guts, Sorcerer Aspect, Sensitive System, Incompetence(Automatics & Pistols), SINner I.

Skills: Clubs 5(Hammers +2), Counterspelling 2, Dodge 2, Etiquette 1, Intimidation 3, Perception 1, Spellcasting 4(Combat spells +2), Unarmed Combat 4.

Knowledge: Swedish N, English 3, Norse Mythology 3, Magic Theory 3.

Powers: Improved Throwing Weapons 2, Inertia Strike, Power Throw 6.

Spells(Magic 3): Death Touch, Slay Troll, Electrical Aura, Magic Fingers.

Tradition: Norse (Will+Cha for Drain). Dragonslayer: +2 dice for Combat Spells, +2 dice for Intimidation.

Gear: Sustaining Focus(Magic Fingers 3), Sustaining Focus(Electrical Aura 3), 2 War Hammers(use basic club), Armor Vest w/Nonconductivity 3, Fake ID 4, Squatter Lifestyle, Commlink worth 4,000¥, Goggles w/Flare Compensation, Lowlight Vision and Image Link.

Contacts: Bartender 2/1, Gang Lieutenant 3/1.

Armor: 6/4(+3 against electricity)

Weapons: War Hammer[DV 5P, +1 Reach], War Hammer Thrown [11P, Range 20/40/60/100].

The idea is to use Electrical Aura in close combat, and Magic Fingers to retreive thrown Hammers, or attack with them at a distance after thrown. Not quite Thor, but in his spirit I think.
Your first one is really COOL but yeah the second one is right there with the idea I need to get cracking on the guy I want to try to put together.
Thank you, on both accounts grinbig.gif

When I have the time I might pick another deity and have a go at.
Hercules - Human Adept

Attributes: B 4, A 3, R 3, S 6, C 3, I 3, L 3, W 3, M 6, Ess. 6, Edge 3, Ini. 6.

Qualities: Adept, Exceptional Attribute (str.), Toughness, / Bad Luck, Cursed, Talisman Geas (Club).

Skills: Close Combat 3, Athlitics 3, Dodge 3, , Perception 3, Leadership 3, Survival 3, Infiltration 3.

Knowledge: Greek N, English 5, Fighting styles of Ancient Greece 4.

Powers: Smashing Blow, Mystic Armor (lv. 6), Improved Phical Attribute (str. +1), Inertia Strike, Rapid Healing.

Gear: Clothing (real animal skin pants no shirt simple sandles 500 per set) x7, Middle lifestyle x1 month (with 200 nuyen of supplies set in food water ect.ect.).

Armor: 6/6 (Mystic)

Weapons: Club (Xtra nice reinforced 300 nuyen) (I was thinking something like str/2 +2p), Sword (str/2+3p), Combat Ax (str/2+4p), Survival Knife (str/2+1p).
Hercules is a native english speaker? This is the Disney™ Hercules?
oops sorry typed that wong lol
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