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Full Version: Dunkelzhan Pictures?
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Are there any good, preferably colour, pictures of Dunk out there? Or even the IWM miniature painted up?

Tried searching the 'net but apart from IWM's catalogue and the cover to 'Portfolio of a Dragon' couldn't find a thing.

Any help appreciated smile.gif

Maybe because you're misspelling his name? wink.gif
Oh that was embarassing! I did spell it correctly on the search (honest!) and that was where I found the limited success I got.

Any other sources of images out there? A Yahoo image search was even less help. (Also just tried the same typo I did with even less results)
It doesn't look like there are too many illustrations. How about this? Right color, western dragon, flaps coming off head...
My wife has that statuette!
Does she refer to it as little Dunkie?
QUOTE (tisoz @ Mar 22 2007, 11:54 AM)
Does she refer to it as little Dunkie?

Nope! Fisty was already using that nickname for something else. wink.gif
How the hell do you find these old threads!? Go back to your cave old man!
Hocus Pocus
One thing I'd like to see from IMR: More plushies smile.gif
QUOTE (bclements)
One thing I'd like to see from IMR: More plushies smile.gif

Who was it that mentioned in their game they had steal a shipment of tickle me dunkie dolls? Now that would be an interesting plushie. Instead of a laugh it'll do a cute roaring sound.

I'd buy it. it can go right next to my Y2K Bug plushie and my angery beavers smile.gif
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