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Full Version: The combat relevance of the marsupial
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Think about the fun you could cause using kangaroos with RDX in their pouches biggrin.gif
Herald of Verjigorm
If you start with the meta-roo listed in T:AL, that's a 60m/s RDX delivery system. 144 mph and about the size of a metahuman (and there's the 6M kick if something tries to get in the way)!!

Or for the other extreme, imagine how big a wombrick's pouch is!
Not as heavily armored as a juggernaut, but juggernauts don't come with pouches and are much harder ro load.

Nah, now give the Kangaroos sustained invisibility and watch your players really freak out. First there's this pounding sound of things leaping toward them but they can't see a thing, then every now and again an invisible DV15 explosion. biggrin.gif
Herald of Verjigorm
Any team with a mage will check astral the moment the gunbunnies can't spot the source of the noise.

So be sure to remove the mage first. I think there's a marsupial very good at eating mages...
Your gun bunnies don't have ultrasound systems?
And by the way, the off topic topic that derailed ammo feeds was oviparious mammals not marsupials.
Monotremes. Egglaying mammals are called monotremes

And they're sailed in by greek warriors.
QUOTE (hyzmarca)
Monotremes. Egglaying mammals are called monotremes

is that where monowire comes from? dead.gif
QUOTE (knasser)
And they're sailed in by greek warriors.

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