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Full Version: bbc world's click showing working AR!
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march 22, future parc...
WAY cool. I like the eye-thingy as well, although it would be a pain to accidentally blink when you're not supposed to and suddenly you open stuff you don't want.

Not sure how drag'n drop would work too... shutting eyes completely while dragging is sorta counterproductive....

And the gazing methods have drawbacks as well... as suddenly you're moving your favorite porn pic around wink.gif
i think drag&drop is out for eye tracking systems. hell, its more or less only workable with a mouse (ever tried doing it with a stylus?) imo...

and i would expect that said tracking code have a big portion of it dedicated to filtering out stuff like random and other blinking. still, it may be a strain on the eyes to use it for a long period of time.
YES! just what the world needs, faraday pants!
my balls feel safer already!
Crusher Bob
For the eye tracking thing, you will usually have a button or something in your hand, the eye tracking thing just moves the cursor.
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