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Full Version: Orc/Troll Shadowrun music video creation help
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Okay so my character has been placed in charge of creating a dazzling music video for two of the guys on my team. They've established an underground meta-rap team called Papa Thump and Jaws who's music has been circulating around the Matrix and being enjoyed by meta's and rich white boys pretending to be gangsta (don’t ask how we pulled this one off...). My character is like a mini recording studio and has recorded every single run we've been on. Now I've doctored all of the material to look like we hit other places... Also we've circulated different sets of rumors stating that this group is taking credit for hits they've never done. XD Gotta love the rumor mill XD So yeah we've got LOTS of action footage. Everything from us running inside of corp buildings, high speed car chases with miscellaneous mobs, to killing monsters in the rain forest. Oh and lots of explosions... we've got three demolition experts on our team and collateral damage is our surname. All faces have been changed or can be changed from what was originally recorded (my specialty).

Anyway enough rambling. I need help creating a music video for this. I've included the lyrics the group has created below. If necessary I can record the guys so you can hear it XD

Papa Thump free styling
pile driving, deep diving
With the SharkBoy
Jaws, he goes by.
You can tell, he dont need braces.
Get him mad, he does eat faces

Chilling with Cowboy,
muscles and mass,
Foot on the gas,
Pullin' up his fly,
King of the drive-by!

You may think we're just buggin!
we aint nothing, thugs out muggin!
Bt we're docs, with a long list of enemies
still crying from their sidewalk vasectomies.
So if you wanta come up frontin' and all,
The five-oh will pull your teeth from a wall

We ground-hogged a vault!
Papa thump n' Jaws!
We voodooed the corps!
Jaws an' Papa Thump!
We went to college and got real jobs!
Papa.... what?!
But we dont pay taxes, ever!

Here's an example of something we've done and what I've captured:

There was one run where we had a hit against high level Yaks mob bosses. Me and another team mate had a body mask spell disguising us a bikini clad bimbos, I had a machine gun and she had a pistol and nifty spells. The whole place was rigged (we found out where they were going to be before they did) so got some wonderful footage of us breaking down the door and shooting every one and everything inside… that is until a certain member decided he also wanted to drive a car into the wall… which helped because he crushed half of them with that move making it easier to take out the bosses in the back… But yeah...

So any ideas? Also I've tried watching stuff on MTV to get ideas... I think I just lost brain cells while I was trying to take notes though...
You ask a difficult question, i assume you want to make a video for real? if you do some more information on what the character who are singing it would help. i mean where do they hang out? how do they dress? all helps when developing a look to go in your video......... wink.gif
Yeah are you trying to actually make something in RL or just a description for in the game?

On a side note I guess cyperpunk is dead. Long live gangstatech!
XD Sorry my bad. No it's not a real video more like a write up for one. What I was shooting for was any cool clips somene may have watched so I could string together a write up for a fake video.

The two rappers are 1 troll, about 7'. His name is Arlong, and for the most part looks like Arlong from One Piece except his nose is more 'flat' and doesnt have that weird saw thing. Also the dermal plating is mostly on his arms, legs, top of the head and down his spin. He for the most part looks like a shark. When he smiles it's a bit wider than a normal smile and he has sharp shark like teeth. His coloring is dark blue all over his body and a lighter blue on his front side/stomach side and the parts for the inside of his arms and legs.

2nd rapper is an Orc. Cowboy/Papa Thump is 6'5, forest green and is a fairly standard looking Orc.

Yeah I'm just looking for scenes or something to put them in. We've got random ideas written up for other songs Cowboy has made (they're special) but I've got nothing for this one. Any random ideas like "Place them in a room with fireworks going off around them or them capping a Lone Star" or something like that. Something silly would work too with these guys.
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