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Alright, my GM and I have been working together to create a crappy little web site for our group to use. I have come up with the idea to put in random gossip that the other players might overhear around town. I was hoping to get some ideas for the gossip from all of you lovely people. The idea is that most of the gossip will not pertain to the group, but the other players, and myself for the most part, won't know what is the real stuff and what is made up. Any help would be appreciated.

I'll get the ball rolling:

An Ares (or whoever) hit squad has been asking around for a hacker who was messing around where he shouldn't have and pissed the wrong person off.

There have been a lot of people getting sick with some sort of disease that nobody has seen before. It started in the Barrens but it is popping up everywhere.

Events from other people's games would probably make good gossip
I've done a similar thing with my campaign...sometimes the stories are pertinent, other times they have no bearing on the campaign, but mixing them around keep the players on their toes and give them something to read between sessions. Here's a few that I have used (campaign is in Denver, but you can swap that out easily):

Another news story broke late this evening. A shootout in downtown Denver occurred around 2:15AM with two Lone Star patrols outside a commercial warehouse block. All four Lone Star officers were killed and the Taxicab Bandits escaped right after a unit of Knight Errant (Ares law enforcement division) patrols arrived at the scene.

Neither Lone Star nor Knight Errant officials commented other than confirming that it was the Taxicab Bandits. Nothing has been reported stolen or tampered with, but the frequent sitings of the Bandits has many corporations in the Denver area concerned.

"Groups like this become more active as they gain popularity in the public eye and start performing increasingly illegal crimes," stated a Knight Errant official. He went on to say, "Ares and Knight Errant is concerned with the public's well-being and will do whatever it takes to stop this group from further endangering any more innocent lives."


As reported over the weekend, a local businessman known as Sid, was killed in a large explosion last Friday night. No bodies were recovered and the dead numbered 15.

"Sid was a kind and gentle man with many ties to the community. His loss will affect the lives of many people," a former business associate went on record saying.

No suspects have been named, based on Lone Star and Knight Errant reports.

"Its a sad day when criminal elements can target a benevolent man in his own home," stated Lone Star Detective Murtog, continuing to say, "I am getting too old for this drek!"

Investigations are on-going, but funeral services will still be held on Tuesday morning at the Denver Cathedral of Last Hope.


In the early hours on Saturday morning, a high speed chase involving a taxicab and several Lone Star vechicles took place in the Denver Suburbs.

"The Taxicab Bandits have been making the news quite a bit in the last month. This is a detriment to the citizens of Denver as their reckless behaviour costs many innocent lives," stated Sgt. Watters of Lone Star.

Another Lone Star official said, "While the Taxicab Bandits have been leading the local news stories, there is another group of runners making a name for themselves. This group often goes unnoticed by the public, but Lone Star is actively investigating several crimes linked to this group."

When asked for more detail, Lone Star would not comment as the cases are still active. Several comments, off-the-record, made mention of this second group of runners as, the Six Jacks, mainly referring to their approximate number and the car jackings they have been linked to.

On a related note, interview footage has been gathered on local Trid and Sim producer, Jared Tallman, describing plans on producing several flicks based on the Taxicab Bandits. No word on if the Six Jacks will be featured anytime soon.


In the last one, the "Six Jacks" were an aka given to the players' group. I like to put news story-type material out there, sometimes involving the runners (directly or indirectly) to keep things moving...
I throw in gossip, rumours and occasionally news bulletins at the start of every session (assuming that we broke at a place where they weren't in the middle of a run, or somesuch).

A couple I can remember off the top of my head:


And finally, this evening, the story of a truck that broke down on Route 520 earlier today. When the dogbrain AI driving it decided the middle of the highway was a good place for a nap it brought traffic to a halt for several miles southbound. But help was near at hand when no less than twelve trolls got off a bus in the snarlup and physically lifted the truck and its trailer, carrying it onto the shoulder and out of the way. The trolls were eager to resume their journey, but one, giving his name as "Often Mistaken For the Wrath of God" was quoted as saying: "It was just our civic duty as good citizens, you know?"

Note: OMFWOG is an NPC shadowrunner in my game, noted for his tactical expertise and demolitiions skill.


Lonestar officers clashed with members of both the Ancients and the Halloweeners in Downtown at 2300 hours last night in what one Seargent Arberry said was "... a total balls to the wall frag my mother screw up. I mean what were we doing in there? We normally just let them kill each other, Y'know, one less ganger is one less ganger and that's okay by us, but I'm sitting there while all these halloweeners ride past me and suddenly all these fragging daisy-boys appear and we're in the middle of fragging war zone totally cut off. I thought I was going to die, man! Hey wait, that thing isn't on, is it...?" A rescue operation was then made by other Lonestar officers which turned the whole thing into a three way battle that lasted for over half an hour. Lonestar declined to comment on possible fatalities claimed to have been seen by many of the late working employees in nearby offices who enjoyed the show from their windows.

Note: Arberry is my perennial screw-up Lonestar officer. Always ready to seal the wrong exit, let slip vital information or shoot the wrong guy.

Was going to throw in more, but I think that will do for now.

Apparently one of the big cheeses in the GLL (Ghoul Liberation League) has put a new bounty out a bunch Matrix savvy gangers. Though no one is quite sure what the heck has Mr. Ghoul King so torqued off at a bunch of Hackers.
From our game, in the "classic" style.

From the screamsheets:

Jordan St. John, VP of R & D at Consolidated Energy Systems (An Ares subsidiary) was found dead in an abandoned warehouse in Redmond, apparently the victim of gangers who kidnapped the VP and murdered him "execution" style. Ares has released a statement that they will spare "no effort" in tracking down his killers.

<<Bullshit. A buddy of mine works the night shift at DocWagon and brought this poor fragger in. He had a hole MELTED in his chest. Gangers using lasers now?>>
-"Doc" Holliday

<<Even jucier, Mr. St. John (Mr. St. Johnson is more like it) recently lost his entire research staff. They came down with a bad case of the head nukes...>>
-The Fenian
QUOTE (bigdrewp)
Alright, my GM and I have been working together to create a crappy little web site for our group to use. I have come up with the idea to put in random gossip that the other players might overhear around town. I was hoping to get some ideas for the gossip from all of you lovely people. The idea is that most of the gossip will not pertain to the group, but the other players, and myself for the most part, won't know what is the real stuff and what is made up. Any help would be appreciated.

There's a thread in the Shadowrun forum about conspiracy theories in the 6th world. Check it out, it may add some good rumours. biggrin.gif
I have a NPC i like very much in my DocWagon Campaign. She's an orc journalist which often turns berserk about ''breaking news'' like the Mayan Cutter, which created the expression among the players: ''Table-breaking news'' as she wreak havoc in the studio's furniture in front of camera. I feed lots of information to my players about future adventures and the sixth world in general with her.

Needless to say, interviews with her are quite dangerous...but she always have bodyguard to protect you..for free of course.
Ok, here goes - some are from a game I'm playing in right now with a little artistic liscense from myself, and a few are made up all together...

<<A Davison Shipping Co. semi truck coming into Seattle on highway 161 went missing after reporting to dispatch a problem with the trailer's brakes. Transponder signal was never lost, but after a lack of communication for several hours, the emergency stop position was investigated. All that was found was the truck's transponder and CB radio on the side of the highway hooked to a battery... that and brain matter confirmed as having belonged to the driver. Davison Shipping reported to its insurance company that the cargo was merely office supplies.>>

<<Karol Hooks, age 27, - a waitress working at a Tacoma Stuffer shack - was found dead by her vehicle only moments after she got off her shift. Six light pistol rounds were discharged - four into the back of her head and one into each eye. Her commlink was missing, and Lone Star suspects it a random mugging. Strangely, nobody in the area heard gunfire or saw anything out of the ordinary. Speculation that it might be the work of a serial killer has been denounced by Lone Star>>

<<Lone Star denies the possibility of a gang war to be resulting from a violent disturbance at the downtown bar 'The Jackal's Lantern' last night when an apparent bar room brawl turned to deadly gunfire. One fatality was reported.>>

<<A lone Halloweener was arrested for vagrancy in Puyallup City. He was in a state of shock only able to say 'the slitch cut me... I'm dead... I know I'm dead' over and over. He appeared to have recently received medical treatment for a wound on his left leg - a precise insision running along the interior of his leg from his ankle to the uppermost portion of his thigh. The insision skirted around most major arteries and sliced through most of his nerve centers.>>

<<A medical facility went up in flames due to a gas leak. It is suspected that the fault rests with a guard who ignored the no-smoking sign by the gas storage tanks.>>

<<An unmarked bulldog van fitted with custom maglocks on all doors and the hood has been spotted on several different ocassions. No one has yet ascertained what it contains, but its probably valuable.>>

<<Three fatalities have been reported in relation to an explosion at a Tacoma recycling center. Lone Star detective Michael McLoughlin stated that the source of the explosion was still under investigation.>>

<<Lone Star Riot Control was called in when a dispute at Shennanigan's Irish Pub in Tacoma quickly developed into a major incident involving dozens of Humanis Policlubbers and members of the local gange 'The Ragers.' Eye witness accounts claim that the dispute began when a human woman and a male troll having dinner together were accosted by a young human male. None of those arrested match the descriptions.>>

<<The Midnight Slasher struck again in Renton - making the seventh victim in as many weeks. A spokesman for a local home-owners' association stated that if Lone Star didn't crack the case soon, then the association would be seeking the help of Knight Errant in spite of Lone Star's municipality contract.>>

<<The 'Mad Dogs' - a running team that had been considered a rising star - suffered a major setback when reportedly in the middle of a run their getaway van was stolen from in front of the building they were hitting. The perpetrators were described as a young asian human and a devestatingly beautiful elven woman. The runners refused to comment. Supposedly, peices of the van's interior were found along a quarter mile stretch of highway>>

<<A white bulldog van was reportedly destroyed by an RPG under an overpass where it was parked. Lone Star Officials stated that they suspect runner involvment, and that the van in question was linked to earlier reports of a suspected pedophile in the downtown area.>>

<<Officer Nathaniel McGruder of Lone Star SWAT was given a commendation recently for exceptional service. McGruder later told reporters that he wouldn't rest until "every gutter-trash runner in Seattle was putting their tail between their legs and getting the hell out of dodge">>

<<Josef O'Conner was arrested yesterday on charges of extortion levied by an office space rental company. Reportedly O'Conner was that company's former security supervisor.>>

<<The northern outskirts of Seattle were terrorized yesterday when a three car pile-up resulted from a gang-related incident. Eye witnesses reported that a male troll biker with a male Asian human 'riding slitch' caused the pile up when he used a fire-axe to take out a car's front driver's side tire while in transit. The biker was heard screaming 'Pay the Troll, BILLY GOAT!' The National Association of Troll and Ork Civil Liberties has publicly stated that 'such bigoted slander is obviously a fabrication'>>

<<The Shadowrun MMORPG has offered a substantial reward for information leading to the location of the individual(s) who broke into their Downtown server room. They offer assurances that their intentions are noble... rumor has it that they want to offer the perpetrator(s) a position on the development team.>>

Hope you like those smile.gif

- Scope
Nice thread! I'll try to use some of these.
...waiting for someone to mention Synner's Seattle News Intelligencer...
More juicy tidbits here: From The Shadows
Adding these to the pile now that I've used them in my game:

A car trap in Bellevue set by a group of 405 Hellhounds last night ended up with the go-gangers biting off more than they could chew when they managed to trap, believe it or not, the Houdin shadowrunner team.  The Houdins, thus named for their ability to seemingly enter and leave any facility, no matter how highly secured, at will, were unable to escape this time—both the shadowrunners and the go-gangers were found dead at the scene by patrolling Lone Star officers. 

Lone Star spokesman Darnell Omar has said that the matter is under investigation. 


A tragic fire late last night claimed the life of Aelita Stones, Lone Star citizen-employee.  Stones, 23, a recent graduate of the University of Seattle, was described by friends and coworkers as intelligent, outgoing and a “wonderful person to be around,? as stated by her neighbor, Rudolf Miron, who was awakened by the fire alarms in his apartment. “It makes no sense,? another friend, who asked not to be identified, stated.  “It’s bad enough that we have to worry about shadowrunners and gangers and ghouls, but getting burned alive in your own apartment… [sob] it’s not fair…? 

Franklin Associates determined that the blaze was accidental. 

Feel free to integrate into your own games if you want, that's what I'm putting these out here for, as per stevebugge's idea:
QUOTE (stevebugge)
Events from other people's games would probably make good gossip
Here's a couple of events for ya:

QUOTE (Reuters News)

A tragic fire decimated the historic Franklin Brothers Auction house last night, killing more than a dozen people.  A Seattle Fire Department spokesman has said only that the fire is still under investigation and that given the size, age, and number of renovations the building has gone through that it will be some time before an official cause of fire will be determined. 

>>{Cause of fire is pretty easy, omae, a bunch of frakkin' mages slinging spells. I was there as a personal security detail for a buyer. A bidding war broke out over this old mirror between some old dudes. Couldn't see why since it was nothing to look at and then it degraded into a firefight when the loser decided to bid in bullets.
Somebody decided to nuke the mirror only the mirror didn't want to nuke and seven kinds of hellfire came pouring out of that thing. We grabbed our mealticket and beat feet. I swear to god, I've seen napalm and FAEs do less damage. }<<---Snickers

QUOTE (Police Desk)

A team of burglars has struck five malls in the past eight days.  All the thefts have taken place after hours.  Surveillance systems indicate there are at least three and possibly five individuals on the team.  The thefts have been focused on telecommunication equipment for on-site advertising.

>>{"On-site advertising" is industry jargon for "spam." Somebody out there is snatching up spamcannons and it's probably not for anything good. These are optimized to do wholesale node scanning and mass-broadcast data at everything in range. With five of these you could take the overhead hit and do intensive scans for hidden nodes. Alternately, they could be loaded up with viruses, trojans, or a dozen other antisocial payloads, as if spam wasn't bad enough.}<<--Mr. Been

(Gossip) Junkies have been dropping dead all around the city. Even more than usual, and in a pretty nasty way. They end up bleeding right through their skin. Nobody knows what's causing it yet - mostly because nobody cares (except those of us on the street).
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