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A couple days ago, I attempted to purchase Shadows of Asia through Unfortunately, it's now showing as unavailable. Several online stores list the book for sale, but it isn't anywhere on the FanPro site and, if I had to guess, it hasn't even been released yet.

That said, anyone have even a guesstimate as to when it is hitting the stores?
Kanada Ten
Shadows of Asia??? I'd guess 2005 or 2006.

Shadows of Europe should be out in a few weeks (maybe).
otaku mike
Bingo! It hasn't been released yet.
Some online shops like to display unpublished products to look more up-to-date and attract pre-order. (ask Adam what the mockup covers are made for...)

Shadows of Asia is still far in the future, as 3 other books are scheduled before it. (If I remember correctly, in this order : Shadows of Europe, Mr Johnson Little Black Book, Loose Alliances). My opinion is, if the recent rythm of publishing holds true, don't expect the book before August next year, or later...
3 or 4 books in less than 6 month ? Uh, don't expect it before 2005, at the very least.
otaku mike
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And you forgot about SOTA 2064 also in the "immediate" releases... smile.gif
Edit: This is not the post you are looking for. *spends Force point*
otaku mike
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Hot Wheels
sleepy.gif This is not the post we're looking for, they can go about their business.sleepy.gif
A Christmas release! But Sir, the odds of that target number are six-hundred and forty-three point nine to one! ( Don't forget to reroll sixes)

"Never tell me the odds!"
I wanna see Taiwan. I had a cool game with Taiwan playing the assorted Chinese states and Japan off of each other. It was mega-free, with only a single Mitsuhama location. However, when the group gassed the entire complex(overkill- my groups expertise), Japan invaded. Then some of the Chinese states followed and the whole group ran away to Seattle.
No-one can escape the Japanese Ninja Inquisition... ork.gif
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