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At the moment I am drawing blanks on things to throw at my gaming group and I was looking at using any player made modules I could find.

I looked up some modules on the old shadowrun archives and there are only a few left on there as most of them have been lost to the ages (ie, their websites are no longer in existance). Plus, I can't rehash any old SR3/SR2 modules because I have already ran them through all of them.

Anyone know of any websites I might check out that have player made modules on them?
I'm working through a module and i'ts about half written (fortunately for you, the SR3 stuff is getting done before the SR4 stuff). Since the initial plot is laid out, you can figure out the rest on your own. Go check out the Drop Bear thread for what I have so far of the most excellent mission, Bear With Me.
There's Shadowrun Missions. . . adapt to 3rd if need be. . .
well yes to missions but why adapt there are 14 missions written for 3rd.
Are those required to run in a certain order? I havn't really looked at those yet, was planning to later when I got home from work.

And FYI, I would prefer SR4 modules. I can easily convert any SR3 modules to work fine with SR4.
Ahh my bad seeing as this was not posted in the fourth edtion thread I thought you were wanting third edtion material.

The third edtions missions run more in order I do belive been awhile though and I don't remember.

As for fourth edtion missions Dunner posted in the fourm for missions which ones are linked by story but for the most part you can run them in any order.
Yeah, I didn't really know where to post this. I'm just looking for any module I can get my hands on, doesn't have to be just SR4.

Thanks for you help, though.
QUOTE (Superbum)
Yeah, I didn't really know where to post this. I'm just looking for any module I can get my hands on, doesn't have to be just SR4.

The SR4 Missions are intended to be run in order, but they don't HAVE to be played in order. There are a number of connections between the different adventures. However, we try to keep things set up so that if somebody just runs one, they won't need to know everything that happened elsewhere. (Mind you, that's going to be increasingly difficult when the adventure numbers get into the number 20+ range.) There are 13 out there now, and another one will be posted as soon as Adam has time to do so.

We release a new one every month. If you've got specific questions about Missions, please venture over to the Missions Forum.
Try checking out Blackjack's page under Archives and Scenarios. (There's a lot of other good stuff on there too.)
Wounded Ronin
There are some I've written which are on this board.
One day, i shall fully type out this one rather fast-paced fun doomsday module jokingly called ''Doom Kult 666'', where the PCs have two weeks time to find and take care of the Syndicate doomsday cult, located here in Finland in a random little city. The module start in Seattle and the PCs end up in varied cities, countries, and the like, and if the 2 week time limit is up(GM must keep time of days), very very bad things start happening to large major cities over the world. It sort of feels like a '24' style of play, with the speed of the module.

And yes, this module was spawned after several beers and boredom. It can't be taken fully seriously, its not completely canon(some invented corporations) and is meant to be run as a 'weekend party module' of sorts. biggrin.gif

Ill get around to typing it up one of these days.
Also there should be some adventures here:

and here if you are a Subscriber

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