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Full Version: shadowrun board game?
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i had the oppurtunity to play Descent last week, which was quite fun. it's like an updated hero quest, or maybe an updated warhammer quest with a GM. My local gameshop owner suggested there should be a SR version made. We both thought that that'd rock.


I totally agree, but first I need to mentally scrub out your use of the word "Descent", since it does not involve extraplanetary mines and robots.

Of course, there already is a board game, it's just out of print…


"Proceed to re-education camp. Do not pass Mr. Johnson's bar. Do not collect 1,000 nuyen.gif "

I think this is a fantastic idea. In fact, I'm tempted to pull out my graphics package and make up a board right now. Just need some Chance cards...

"Receive mysterious box of severed elf ears in mail. Collect 3 karma." biggrin.gif
does DMZ count?
Straight Razor
DMZ pretty much was a board game.

@ kagetenshi: that video game was a headache and a half. my friends and i deem that it never existed. wink.gif

I actually own DMZ, and i gave it quite a few go rounds. it was great in its own right.

I just really like the descent style idea for shadowrun. you'd need street and corp building tiles instead of dungeons and such, but it'd just rock. Even with the pregenerated character system that descent uses.
I loved that video game. smile.gif It's my first memory of a game that wasn't constricted to 2 dimensions, as even the games billed as "3d" that I remember didn't feel 3d.

I'm still looking for a copy of DMZ. They pop onto my radar often enough, but I just haven't grabbed one yet.

I'd at least check out a new SR board game, anyway.
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