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Hoi chummers. It's been a long time since I posted here. EXTREMELY long time (about 10 months ago).

Anyway, I'd thought I'd pop in here and tell you that I'm leaving the biz.
What does this mean for you?

It means I'm selling a lot of my old books. SSC, SR3, SR2, CT, ST, R3, CC...

I'll post more once I dig them out of storage and look through them.

Good bet that if it was released during the last half of SR2's lifetime and just about most of 3rd ed, I have it.

Contact me through the usual channels (PM, email, etc)
Wow... Nearly a hundread veiws.

Ok kids, You're probably wondering what Uncle Time's got for ya. Here's my list and prices are negotable (or however it's spelt) and do not include shipping. Special bulk rates may apply.

Shadowrun 3rd Ed. I got 3, count'em THREE copis of this bad boy in decent condition. I'll say somewhere around the $25 mark.

Shadowrun 3rd Ed, Spiral Bound. This was a special case. My oldest main 3rd ed book and it shows. VERY used. $5. (All other Spiral bounds are marked with an (s) from now on).

Shadowrun 2nd Ed. Got a hankerin for the "good ole' days"? Still in decent condition and includes the epic short story "Plus Ca Change" featuring Nameless! $25

Character Dossiers (3rd) Yeah yeah, I got suckered into these 10 page charcter sheets, but I liked'em. Here's the deal; 2 new, 2 used. Don't worry, everything's in pencil so it can be erased. $10 for all 4.

* SOLD *Sprawl Survival Guide (3rd)

SR3 GM screen and Critters Definately used and contains all sorta useless and usefull info without haven to crack open a book. $5

Cybertechnology (2nd+) Ever wonder what happened to Hatchetman? Ever wonder what a Cyberzombie is? Wanna see the specs on Move-by-wire 4? $15

Shadowtech (1st+) Old school tech. First application of Bioware and the (now obsolete) Cranial Cyberdeck. $10

Shadowrun Compainion (2 3rd, 1 3rd(s) ) All the edges and flaws and how to play a Ghoul. No Kane though. $10 each, $7 for (s)

Magic in the Shadows (1 (s), 1 regular) For all your talisma and mojo needs. $15 / $10 (s)

Fields of Fire (2nd+) Learn how to be a professional and not just a rank ammature. Also conatains guns. $12

SotA: 2063 (3rd) Living La Vida SotA. Be so far on the cutting edge, you bleed. (Also brings back some stuff from Shadowtech) $12

* SOLD *New Seattle (3rd)

Street Samurai Catalog (1st/2nd+) Yeah, here's a peice of nostalga. $5 brings the memories flooding back.

Cannon Compainion (1 (s), 1 regular) The SSC comes of age. Also tells you how to MAKE your own guns. $12

* SOLD *Corperate Download (3rd)

* SOLD *Rigger 3

* SOLD *Man & Machine

Bored? Stuck on ideas? We got a few adventures too!

Ivy & Chrome

$7 each or all 3 for $15
There's a couple that I am interested in. I'm in Redding, CA. Where are you? Might save some time and $ on shipping if you're close.
Close enough chummer (Sac. technicaly about a 45 min drive east of it)

Roseville area.
yeah driving distance then.

Shadowtech and street sam catalog, and Eyewitness are the ones that I'm looking at. I'm getting some books from bibliophile20 ATM, so it'll be a couple of weeks. If they're stil lavailable then, I'll take them. I ahve the other two adventures already. Just looking to round out some nice old books I've been meaning to get for a while now.
Lady Door
Of course... we could always get rid of some of our old books that are just sitting around, collecting dust....

... I'm just saying, is all..
Quiet you. Heretic. nyahnyah.gif
QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0 @ Apr 20 2007, 11:59 PM)
I'm getting some books from bibliophile20 ATM, so it'll be a couple of weeks.

Speaking of which, the clock's running out on that; school's out in a few weeks, so get that payment to me asap.
Noted, thanks.
I've actually got the books you're offering from the SR line, sadly. What do you have from other lines? I'm always trying to expand my collection.
Shadowrun is the only books I had ready access to.

I'd be willing to offer up just about all the Hunter: The Reckoning books (Main book, ST book, all the creed books, and I think one or two more) but I don't have access to them.
How much for shipping, TK?
I'm interested in the SR3 Spiral bound and the SR3GM Screen +.
Word of warning: the Sr3(S) is in real drekky condition.
There's a reason it's only a fiver.
As for shipping, I just got an estimate.
I'll say betwen 5 and 7 depending on ammount and location.
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