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Full Version: matrix actions quick reference
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Prime Mover
Players rolled up new runners now that they have rules down little better, TM is now adept and adept is now hacker. Big thanks to Paveo for all quick reference sheets but matrix actions seem to be missing. Tossed together following list on quick, welcome to make any corrections if needed. (cut and paste add to your quick reference folder ha ha mines getting a little thick)

Alter/Swap Icon- no roll
Change Linked Device Mode- no roll
Detect Wireless Node- Electronic Warfare + Scan (Variable, 1 Combat Turn)
Jack Out- no roll / unless against Black Ice
Speak/Text a Phrase- no roll
Terminate Data Transfer- no roll / special Computer + Edit

Call/Dismiss Sprite- no roll
Deactivate Program or Agent- no roll
Decrypt (with key)- no roll
Issue Command to Agent/Drone/Sprite- no roll
Log Off- no roll / unless against Black Ice
Observe in Detail- Computer + Analyze ( gm sets threshold ) / target is hidden ( Opposed Hacking + Stealth / Firewall + Stealth for programs,nodes)
Transfer Data- no roll / special Computer + Edit

Attack- Cybercombat + Attack Program Rateing
Compile Sprite- Resonance + Compiling (vs sprites rateing)
Control Device- no roll / unless skill required
Crash Program/OS- Hacking + Attack ( Firewall + System, 1 Combat Turn)
Data Search- Data Search + Browse (page 220 GM set target)
Decrypt (without key)- Decrypt + Response (Encryption Rating x2, 1 Combat Turn)
Detect Hidden Node- Electronic Warfare + Scan (4) / (15+) if trying to pick out hidden from non hidden
Disarm Data Bomb- Hacking + Defuse (vs. Data Bomb Rating x2)
Edit- Computer + Edit
Intercept Traffic- Computer + Browse / Eavesdrop on Signal, Hacking + Sniffer
Intercept Wireless Signal- Electronic Warfare + Sniffer (3)
Jam Signal- Must use Jamming device (Any device with rating less then jamming device's signal rating is overwhelmed. ECCM increases protected devices rating for jamming vs purposes.)
Log On- no roll
Reboot- System + Response (10,1 combat turn) / Technomancer- Logic + Willpower (10, 1 hour)
Redirect Trace- Hacking + Spoof (vs Computer + Track / System + Track if launched by node) (each net hit adds 1 to trace's threshold)
Repair Icon- Computer + Medic (1 combat turn) (each hit heals one box of matrix damage)
Run Program or Agent- no roll (For each x number of programs actively running, were x = system rating, your Response is reduced by 1)
Shut Down a Sprite- Software + Resonance (sprites rating + Compilers Resonance if Registered)
Spoof command- Hacking + Spoof (Pilot + Firewall)
Track User- Computer + Track (10,1 initiative pass) ( Apply Modifiers from table pg.220, Also affected by Redirect action and Stealth programs both applied as dice pool modifier.)
One gap that I have always had a question one was that unloading/deactivating a program is a simple action...loading and running a program is a complex action.

So, what is simply loading a program but not running it? I would assume it could also be a simple action, so you could actually deactivate one program, and load a different one with 2 simple actions...but I have never found anything separating the act of loading a program from the act of running a program...
Prime Mover
Not really sure, loaded programs count towards total that can affect response. Perhaps need to be loaded to activate?
Eryk the Red
I'm not sure the rules distinguish between loaded and running programs. If a program is loaded, it counts as running and vice versa. Unless I misunderstand what's being said here.
No, you understand correctly...I just know that there are often times where my hacker has say, 4 programs loaded during the "initial break-in" then wants to drop 2 or 3 programs and load Edit, Command, etc, in their place. Not that they want to actually "run" an Edit or Command, just that they want to have them ready.

Maybe its a moot point, timing-wise, as I still require complex actions to run a program, so its not like more than one program can be run per pass, but still...I think there is a desire to have a selection of needed programs ready on the comm and then run when needed...

Or, maybe the idea is that in order to actually use a program, you have to have it both loaded and running...if that is the case, then you actually would have to use the complex action to load and run Edit, and afterwards, then you could start Editing things...I guess I just would like some clarification, cause the mindset at our table is that you have access to x amount of programs that are loaded, but you still have to run them on a case-by-case basis...
A better question is 'can an Agent do it for you?'
Since the FAQ says Agents can load and unload their programs why not allow them to load/unload yours on command while you Data Search, Analyze, etc..
I suppose it is easier for me to understand and explain that there is no "loading but not running" of a program. It makes sense, I mean, I can have Word on my machine, but until I execute it, I can't use it for anything...and even if it is sitting there idle, it is still running...
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