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I am trying to build a currier that can run up walls and treat the city as his own personal highway/playground. In a fight there are 3 option. Run Fight or Hide.

My objective is to create an operative that specializes in the first 2 options.

Aiming for an Adept. I want to avoid using levitation or Gecko crawl, but If I need to I will respec for the gecko crawl. I always have trouble making it in under 400 points, but 425 seems to make for a more fun build. Did some test rolls with this, all buffed out ended up with c.a 25 dice for my long jump and an average max distance of 27 meters assuming 4 successes from the attribute boost.

Bod 3
Agility 8
Reaction 3
Strength 5
Charisma 5
Intuition 4
Logic 3
Willpower 3
Edge 1
Magic 6
Athletics 4 Edges
Clubs 3 Adept +5
Navigation 2 Exceptional Attribute Agility 20
First Aid 2
Artist (parkour) 2
Perception 2 Flaws:
Knowledge Skills Sinner(Standard) : -5
Downtown 4 Allergy: Mustard Moderate :-15
Meditation 4 Simsense vertigo :-15
Poetry 5 Sensitive Neural Structure :-5
Classical Music 3
BK Athletics 3

Wall Running : 1 : :allows me to run 5+
Attribute Boost Agility 6(1.5) roll 12 dice add hits to agility and suffer drain later
Linguistics (.25) watch 4 hours of TV and learn a new language free
improved skill Athletics 3/.75 +dice for all athletics tests
Great leap 6(1.5) +6 dice and +6 (to Agility for distance only)
3d memory (.5) Memorize scene in ultra detail (marked for deletion)
Iron lungs 1(.25) +1 die to resist fatigue
Sustainance (.25) only requires 3 hours of sleep and one meal a day.
All right, so here's what I ask you to consider. First, is he in it more for the philosophy or for the awesome? Because that makes a big difference.

Second, I would suggest making him first without adept powers. It's sometimes easy to forget, but people like david belle and sebastian foucan aren't adepts. Everything they do is with pure skill and ability. Try to make your character the same.

So, first is Ability scores. All the physical ones will need to be good. Agility for gymnastics, but strength for climbing and running. Body for taking impact. Reaction, not so much, actually. Mental the only one you want is intuition. The rest can be whatever.
Consider being an ork. The boost to strength and body is good, and the hits are to stats you don't really need. And you get to call yourself a Parkourk. grinbig.gif
You probably want some edge. Things will go wrong in high places.

Skills. This is where you need to know if you trick or flow. If you trick, then boost gymnastics to 6. If you flow, then you want the entire athletics group at 4. Don't split it, because a true traceur would need all those skills (even swimming, yes) at even levels to handle all obstacles. Infiltration would be nice, and I suggest picking up a martial art over taking dodge, both because most traceurs also do martial arts, and gymnstics+martial arts means you don't NEED dodge for anything. Shadowing might be somethijng to consider. Everyone should have perception.

Gear: None. Traceurs only need a good pair of shoes. OK, I don't know any traceur who wouldn't go for gecko tape. Get the gloves.
A traceur who focused on the philosophy would abhor cyberware, and aviod it even if mundane. A freerunner who loves tricking might get a few muscle enhancers, and would sure as hell get light bone lacing.

Magic: OK, so you go the magic route. Well obviously wall run and great leap, also consider pass without trace. But I'd save the real Physics-breakers for when you've gotten initiated, or else what is there to look forward to? They're cheats, really. Sometimes I wish the adept powers had prereqs. Instead, get 1 level of attribute boost for each stat (it is god), and improved ability. The subtle stuff. Only get great leap once you've maxed out agilty and athletics boost, because it's bonus is too specific, but caps don't apply to it either.
I would recommend losing the ultra-high Agility. It would be fine for a hyper-specialist such as a marksman, but for this guy, you have a Body and Reaction that are merely average, and a minimal Edge. All three of those stats should be above average, at the very least, for a traceur. I recommend that you drop Agility to a still highly respectable 6 and lose the exceptional Attribute quality, to gain some points back to bolster those weak areas.

The agility boost of 6 is a really bad idea. The duration of the boost is in mere combat turns, and afterwards you will be rolling 6 dice (Body plus Willpower) to resist 6 stun! You are better off taking it at 1, rolling 7 dice (likely to get a boost of 1 or 2 points most of the time) and, more importantly, only having to resist 1 point of stun damage.

Improved ability, unfortunately, can only be taken for individual skills, not skill groups, and the improvement is limited to skill x 1.5, so you can only improve one of your athletics skills by up to 2, not 3.

Along with great leap, freefall is another useful power to have, and the two complement each other well.
QUOTE (Kronk2 @ Apr 19 2007, 01:24 AM)
Changed race to dwarf, But I liked the flair of him being an Elf with dreds.
Bod            4
Agility        6
Reaction    3
Strength    7
Charisma    3
Intuition      4
Logic  3
Willpower    4
Edge  3
Magic  6
    Athletics    5                        Edges
    Unarmed    3                        Adept +5
    Navigation 2                       
    First Aid    2                                   
    Perception  2                        Flaws:
Knowledge Skills                          Sinner(Standard)    : -5
Downtown      4                            Allergy: Mustard Moderate -15
Meditation      4                            Simsense vertigo              :-15
Poetry            5                            Sensitive Neural Structure :-5
Classical Music 3
BK Athletics    3

Wall Running :              1 :      :allows me to run 5+
Attribute Boost Agility    1(.25) 
Boost (str)                    1(.25)
Boost (Bod)                    1(.25)
Linguistics                    (.25)    watch 4 hours of TV and learn a new language free
improved skill Gymnastics  3/.75  +dice for all athletics tests
Agility over racial max.  (2) OW!!!               
Sustainance                    (.25) only requires 3 hours of sleep and one meal a day.

More in it for the Awesome, but the philosophy of the thing is not unknown to him
well tis down to 424
Yes, tha AGI over race max for 2pp? Hurts. I would definately consider muscle toner instead, it would be cheaper pp-wise for you. Or ask your nice GM if the changes suggested here on the boards (half cost for that power) can apply to you.
Allergy: Mustard Moderate -15

I would only give 10 points for that. Mustard isn't common unless it's something you put on your food. I don't have it at my house, and I can't think of the last time I've been somewhere that would put it on your food without you requesting it.

I would also go for human, and pump that edge up to 6 before i was a dwarf.
QUOTE (Cakeman)
hanges suggested here on the boards (half cost for that power) can apply to you.

so there are house rules that turn down the pain factor on that over max thing? I was ok with it costing a full point in sr3. 2 points tho is silly. j u s t p l a i n D U M B! ! ! !

Well this I am the GM, and this is a non combat character so I don;t have a problem fudging things. the rest of my party is up to about 600 points by now. But this character isn;t with them. He is just this guy ya know?

Prime example, our gunslinger has something like 32 dice for pistols. he never rolls anymore.
characters becoming too powerful within their area of expertise to be challenged? that's just crazy-talk!
What do you recommend?

I like games that feel like they are fueled by Nitrous Oxide and Jet fuel, but Combat seems to be to dang easy for the party. I mean not every corp can muster the kind of firepower that my team represents. I guess, I have just kinda wandered out of the shadows on this one. Course, If I need to I could just build some villains to counter the group. I mean the stated purpose of the party is to fight Azzies.

SO what are the Azzies up to these days? I have heard that the Gestalt are not as powerful as they used to be. What was their combined force anyway?? like 12?

There is are also the Warrior Cults. Dudes that kick ass just cuz they can, and take slaves to clean the house with.
I would recommend NOT using the rule for buying hits in combat situations. Let them run the risk of rolling poorly, or even glitching (I've rolled big handfulls of dice and blown it - it happens). Rather than pumping up the stats of your opposition, increase their numbers and give them some tactics. Also, simple security measures can make things more difficult for the party (especially if they go in with guns blazing instead of with a plan). Simple things like searchlights, barriers that the guards hide behind, tear gas, etc.
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