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Well its been awhile, but I'm getting to play once again, so I figured I'd post the character I'm planning on running in my wife's campaign.

He's built on 500 BP and some House Rules.

Name: Trevor O'Conners aka 'Bot'
Metatype: Human
Age: 30ish (Appears to be in his late 20s or early 30s.)
Sex: Male


[ Spoiler ]


[ Spoiler ]


[ Spoiler ]

Resources *House Rule - Availability only applies to Restricted or Forbidden Items.

Implants *House Rule - Essence is only calculated to the 0.00 anything beyond is dropped, not rounded.
*House Rule - Normal Cyberware is as Essence friendly as Alphaware, ect...

[ Spoiler ]


[ Spoiler ]

Magical Resources

[ Spoiler ]


*House Rule - All characters get 10 BP to use for Contacts, but they have to buy at least 3 seperate Contacts.

[ Spoiler ]

Starting Cash: 1600

Bullet Point Background

- Bot was raised Catholic, but lapsed after his father couldn't accept that he Awakened. Although Bot's father had moved to the campaign's city after his wife died a few years back, Bot has not worked up the courage/forgiveness to make contact yet depsite his sister's urgings.

- Having Awakened early and powerful Bot was snatched by Ares and after intensive schooling his natural apatude towards both applied and theorical magical theory landed him a job in a research lab as well as access to some cutting edge Bioware. (Paid for by a 'generious' loan from Ares of course.)

- He might still be there today if an experiment ordered rushed by his mundane supervisor hadn't gone horribly wrong. Bot lost his eyes in the orginal explosion and swears to this day that something bit his hand off, although he was in too much pain and shock to get a clear Astral look at it. In either case between Ares Medical and his savings he was able to afford some high-end cybereyes to replace his ruined meat eyes as well as a cloned right hand.

- Soon after recovery Bot started noticing his fellow co-workers acting strangely, it started with the Awakened Staff, but soon spread to the mundanes as well. It was about this time that he realized that 'something' was wrong with the cloned hand Ares had replaced. This is also when he started working out the magical formula for some basic combat spells on his own time, "just in case".

- Failing a routine psyche exam might spell corperate death for an average wageslave, but mages are rare enough that some slack is given. Still, chopping your own right hand off and throwing it at the therapist while in session is grounds for termination.

- Bot knows that his sister must love him very much, after all she took him in during the bad times after he barely escaped Ares with his soul intact. Its ok that neither she nor the therapist she introduced him to really believed him. Hell, anymore he's not really sure that he even believes his story about what happened in that lab.

- Still, he tries really hard not to think about the gas main that exploded shortly afterward, taking out the city block which the lab was located on. Was it really an accident? Or just Ares' cover story? Its thoughts like that which makes him want to slot another chip.

- With his psych record Bot was fairly sure that he couldn't get a respectable job with the corps even if he had wanted too, and truth be told he realized that he no longer wanted one. Want he really wanted was a fresh start, well that and a new hand.

- The hand was easy, his ex-therapist was able to put him in touch with the righ kinds of people, the same kinds who provided her with the black-market BTLs she used to 'treat' her patients.

- The fresh start however is always harder, because no matter how far you run, there you are.


- Bot is going to join a class and learn how to use the cyberweapons he has implanted...

- He is also looking for an Agent to run on his commlink...

- Not to mention some wheels...

- Either blame it on his Calothic roots or whatever did or didn't happen in that lab, but he has what many might consider a dangerous interest in the inherent magical power the blood carries...
I'm really not one to pour over stats, but the bullet point back ground is interesting. Also very good because it gives the GM some plot hoks to works with, and addresses an issue that a lot of people leave out: family . So great job there. I love the character that isn't quite sure if he's crazy or not, and I always love seeing runners with a bit of the escapist in them, hitting hte good ol' beetles. I don't think I see enough runners with a chip problem, unless it's the one on their shoulder.

Interested about the lab bit. Mind if I ask specifically what you had in mind?

The only suggestion for stats I have ATM> if you're going to take a skill out of a group, you might as well specialize in it.
Thanks, well to be quite honest I'm not quite sure whether or not Bot is just alittle crazy either. But then again, just because he might be crazy doesn't necessarily mean that he isn't right either. vegm.gif

Seriously though if I were the DM for this character I'm not quite sure how I'd play it, I can see possible hooks for Horrors, Bug Spirits, Ares experimenting with mind control, Psychotic breaks, or even simple PTS, and I tried to write it so that different people could look at it and see different truths.

After all I'm a big believer that the scariest monsters are the ones that we just barely glimpse out of the corner of our mind's eye.


Aye, very true, but I've always had a sour taste with specializing at char gen unless I simply didn't have anywhere else to go with the BP, but that is two more things to add to Bot's plans...
I like leaving it open ended. Leaves a chance for an interesting suprise for you.
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