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Full Version: Butte County, near Chico and Oroville, CA
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Steve here, 22 year-old college student, wondering if there's an on-going game I could join or one I could help found. I'm willing to loan out these books:

Shadowrun Sourcebooks 1/2/3 (damaged)/4
Shadowrun Companion 2/3
Paranormal Animals of North America/Europe
Total Eclipse
Queen Euphoria
Harlequin's Back
Bottled Demon
Survival of the Fittest

Magic and the Shadows
Street Magic (4th Ed)

Man and Machine: Cyberware
Rigger 2/3
State of the Art: 2064

Target: UCAS / Smuggler Havens / Wastelands
California Free State
Paradise Lost
Shadows of North America/Europe

Threats 2
Portfolio of a Dragon
Year of the Comet
Bug City

Several Novels


I've been collecting them for years [Heck, I've had PoNA since I was 10], but I don't know many players. My last group fell apart on account of Halo and my GM getting a higher paying job in Oregon. I can not GM successfully and I'm very much a newbie in the RP department.

I live in Richvale, Butte County, CA. Chico and Oroville are closest, though I'd be willing to drive to Sacramento or Redding occasionally. cyber.gif
Man, you have cyberpirates, and you're less than an hour from me. You have made my day. I PMed you.

And you like ED. Hell man, I'd be willing to drive to you. Hope you don't mind a two year old though. He's at least cute.
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