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Full Version: Book Sale in my neighborhood!
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So a store near my area is having a 30% off sale. I want to pick up some Shadowrun books, since they have some. Ignoring books I already own (SR4), can't use with the current edition (Rigger 3) and the adventure books, I saw two of particular interest: Shadows of Europe, Shadows of Asia, and Dragons of the Sixth World. Each of these is mostly non-game info, and the game info that exists should be fairly compatible, or at least convertible. I don't think I need all 3 though. So my question to you is, given a choice between these three, which one would you buy and why?
Sure you need all three. You might aswell admit that you are addicted, and soon you will even want a 1st edition softcover newbie.gif
Dread Polack
My only input is that of the three, I only have Shadows of Europe. It's a good book, but only necessary if you want to incorporate Europe or European characters into your campaign. There are also some pretty good ideas you could mine, but the same can probably be said of the other two.

Dread Polack
If you're planning on taking your campaign into either Europe or Asia, then those are great books.

However, Dragons plot on a global level. No matter where your campaign is set, odds are there's somebody nearby who's working (probably indirectly) for one of the great dragons.

So, if you just want the one with the greatest universal appeal, then DotSW is the one you want.
Well, I haven't set my campaign location yet. Basically I'm looking for which one seems to have the juiciest info, best written, etc. I don't really know much about DotSW. I mean, I don't think I need a book to tell me that Lofwyr is rich beyond imagining, extremely ruthless, and impossible to kill. What is the book really used for?

And likewise, Shadows of Europe/Asia? I have Shadows of North America, and it seemed more like a general overview than something I could really base a campaign on.
Where Dragons of the Sixth World gives good information to help expand Dragons in the Shadowrun campaign, unless your players want to be Drakes or work directly for them I would not make it a first choise. You can get just as much milage from considering them powerfull entities, with long-term plans.
As for foes, I still prefer it if Runners look at each other after finding out they are going to directly fight or oppose a dragon and look for a way out. However, if you are looking to get another Shadowrun book and are not planning to go to Europe or Asia, and are familiar with thier cultures then I would reccomend it. It is currently on loan to a friend so I can not remember what kind of adventure ideas it gives.

Shadows of Europe is Simular to Shadows of North America although I feel it is slightly better written.

Shadows of Asia, a good read, well written, otherwise simular to Shadows of North America. If you are planning to set your campaign in Asia or "China-town" I would highly reccomend it. Otherwise, not immediatly.

Shadow-run Soft cover 1st ed! Where? What condition is it in? Can I get it as an E-Book?
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