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Full Version: Detect Life
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Something that came up in a recent game:

We have a mage who uses the Detect Life spell. (extended area)

If you are not familiiar with the spell, it's in the BBB, with a description of the spell just opposite from a table detailing the results a mage would get for different amounts of hits on a detection spell, using this spell as the example.

The problem: The table appears to contradict the spell description. The description gives the impression that the spell senses life only. The table gives the impression that the spell is multipurpose, giving reliable information including metatype, gender, identity, emotional state, and weapons load.

Go back and look at those two facing pages.
Any opinions?

My character wasn't in the miiddle of the scenario that brought this up, but I'm asking because I hate percieved inconsistancies in my game systems.
Metatype and gender are aspects of a lifeform, so are not unreasonable. IIRC identity requires a good many hits, and I wouldn't give it unless the caster was familiar with the target already. Emotional state is a slightly odd one, although it, and weapons load, might be inferred from the targets' movements.
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