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Full Version: A couple of character questions
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Ok I'm starting a new PbP Game in Welcome to the shadows and I need a little help. Here are my questions.

1. My char has a full family background if I take the family members as contacts am I requiered to take them at Loyalty 6?

2. My char is an elf, are there specific elven religious beliefs like in TGTSNBN or is it up to the individual elf?

Thanks for the help all!
1: No, Just cause someone is family dosnt mean they are willing to take the fall for you. It all entirely depends on the backstory for that contact and your character's relations with that contact.
Crazy Bob lives out in the sticks and has some good contacts with some smugglers of drugs and guns. The major problem is the fact that he's sorta the Black sheep's black sheep of the family and has a problem with being drunk most of the time. As such, he doesnt trust the rest of the family, but he's known you for a while and trusts you some. Connection-3 Loyalty-3

2: No, just like in real life, being a certain ethnicity doesnt require you to belive in a certain religion.
1) My 2 nuyen.gif , if the family member is high up in a corp type that the character plans on calling on, or big in say mob family, then I would say that it would warrant BP. As always, ask your GM wink.gif

2)There's the Elven Path of the Wheel, mostly based out of Tir Na Nog. Check out Street Magic if you've got it.
Lady Door
I agree with Konsaki, Meriss. God knows there are members of my own family I wouldn't mind see get shipped out to sea on a rubber dinghy. So, just go with your backstory and then buy your contacts accordingly.
As for the second, I think religion is based on the character as well. There might be social pressure to be a certain religion if you lived in places like the Tirs, but other then that I think you can pretty much do whatever you want.
Well personally the way I do things is that as long as your family members would be considered 'normal Joes' then I give them to you for free, after all its seems like most Runners come straight out of an orphanage and I'd like to encourage otherwise...
One of my personal PCs is a short dwarf (short even by their standards) who's from a family of builders--mechanics, architects, etc, and occasionally has some issues with them. Why? Because he's the black sheep of the family; in a family that builds stuff, he's a demo nut with a fondness for excessively large explosions.
My cash flow is low ATM. Fist could you describe the Path of the wheel. (It's not for my char but his Mom)
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