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Full Version: critter/grunt conversion
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anyone have a premade conversion of grunts and spirits/critters for use in sr4? specifically bug spirits and various goons. if not i am going to go through my sr1,2,3 sourcebooks and adventures and try to convert them myself. just wondering if anyone aready had something for me to work with.

i think i am going to make many variants of each type of grunt as well, and different levels as well.

such as "sniper ghost" or shotgun ganger, and machine pistol ganger, etc. i want to make a good mix for gm's to throw at players.
Dread Polack
I've mostly been playing, and not GMing, but in the GMing I did, I looked over the sample guys in the Friends and Foes chapter, and sort of winged it from there.

When facing grunts, I go with a 2 or 3 in their attributes (usually 3 in their physical if they're combatants, like guards, and 3 in their mental if they're technical or magical types). Then I give them 2s or 3s in their applicable skills, like shooting, dodge, or whatever their job is. If they're well-funded, I throw in an extra pass for init, whatever other cyberwear I think is appropriate, and +1 laser sight or +2 smartlink.

As for bug spirits, I know they stat them out in Street Magic.

That's all I do. I usually find statting out a goon is too much work for one or two init passes of action. If you're looking for write-ups, I'm sure someone around here can point you to them.

Dread Polack
well yes i am just looking for a premade variety as well as a good hard variety, premade so the gm wont have to wing it all the time. that and as much as my group sticks to the rules and stuff, we all planned our characters too well and as a result we mow down mobs of even red samurai. looking for a good change, thats all. although we all have a bit of a hard time with spirits and mages, mainly since our old mage bought it last time, and we have not gotten a new one for at least 4-5 small runs.
Omer Joel
If I'll find more time to devote to SR than I've devoted as of late, I'll start a systematic conversion of grunt-type NPCs from previous editions. In the meantime, you could take a look at my coversion of DNA/DOA (see the sticky in this forum for a link).
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