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Has anyone else had a problem with their books...well, falling apart? I'm not hard on books by any means, but my book is already starting to fall apart. The spine has come unglued from the cover, and I'm worried that the pages are just going to fall right out. While it was easy enough to fix with some Elmer's glue down the spine, I'm still worried. Anyone else had this problem?
My books are holding up pretty well, and I'm not very careful with them. I've not had to intervene with any maintenance.
It's a tradition that goes all the way back to the days of FASA. If the book ain't falling apart, it ain't Shadowrun.

There are lots of ways to preserve one's books. I'd start with your local university's library school, or just a public library. If they can't help you, they can at least point you in the right direction.
I'm surprised your having problems. The 4th edition BBB and SM are the best bound SR books I've bought, that includes the 2nd and 3rd editions BBB's and almost every supplement they've published.

Do different print runs have different bindings? Mine are properly sewn bindings, I can't see how the pages would come out without some pretty rough treatment.
Hmm, my SR4 is pretty solid too.. Try writting to Fanpro to see if they'll replace it, you might just have a factory defect one.
Besides my first SR2 BBB all SR books are solid and good-bounded, especially SR4 BBB and SM.
Eryk the Red
Also, you should take note as to whether your book is actually falling apart, or if it just looks like hell. I beat the crap out of my book, and it looks it. But not a single page has even threatened to fall out, and though the spine has broken, it's all still holding together.

Which is pretty great, I think. Most RPG books I've ever had have had the worst binding. the Exalted 2E core book is gorgeous, but man, the cover is warped and on the verge of coming off entirely. And it's not beaten up at all.
Mine got rained on and the damage was really only cosmetic. It's still in useable condition, spine and all. I -thrash- my books and have had no problem so far. 4th edition, btw.
My SR3 book fell out on me, and I had to get it bound. Same thing happened to a friend of mine with that book. But I've never had those problems with any of the other books.

Edit - And did anyone else read this thread and think of a cowardly SR4 book huddling in a corner? biggrin.gif
My 4th edition first printing is starting to fall apart. The book is in perfect condition, I'm extra careful with my books, even put them in plastic when not in use, but the pages are starting to get loose. In third edition the matrix book fell apart within a week of getting it.
My SR2 and 3 books were both abysmal in terms of binding. For some reason, and maybe it's because I used them more, I found that the bindings on my fasa shadowrun books were worse than the ones on my battletech books. Can't really explain that. Actually, I seem to recall my first ed earthdawn main book having pages falling out of it too.

Seems like 4th edition is holding up a lot better, but maybe I'm just nicer to my books these days.
My 1st run 4th BBB was doing really good until my two year old jumped on it a few times. That it's still together at all is a testament to it's strength IMO. He was trying really hard.
Ive been pretty rough with SR4 BBB, still together but it is definately showing some wear. The binding, while not falling apart like previous editions, has started to rip at both ends and the pages are kind of warped from the elements.

I still think I prefer the old paper books. Something about the paper, just seemed to have more soul in it. It felt like Shadowrun.
QUOTE (Shev)

Edit - And did anyone else read this thread and think of a cowardly SR4 book huddling in a corner? biggrin.gif

Actually, I'm thinking about spirits.. the spineless ones may need to be bound so that it'll last, or it's gone by sunrise....
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