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Full Version: Bridging the Void
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Maybe I miss named this group of Shadowrun nuts. However they get a few interesting tidbits in news articles in the Year of the Comet source book.

Well I immediate recognize these guys as being what they are.

They are blood mages, that are knowingly trying to close the gap for the horrors. Well this is a no good dirty thing to do. So what I am asking actually is what are the chances a low ender shadowrunner is going to know this stuff.

Yes Dragons know. I believe there are a ton of hints in all of the source books. However what about the average joe Shadowrunnner.
Dim Sum
The average Joe Runner will know only as much as a GM wants/needs them to know. biggrin.gif

In my games, my players call it a Troll with a Plot Hook and the troll has at least an Edged Weapons (Plot Hook) skill of 10(12). biggrin.gif
The sad thing is that they are still trying to close the gap using bloodmagic while "billy" is there. so many lives being needlessly sacrificed to make netherworld beings come to this plane faster, and its all for naught

anyway if the Gm has the team working with the Draco foundation, then running into these guys will be farily normal....just dont let them collect the bounty
I've got Aztlan, and I re-read the great book(I should say quickly scanned through to where all the "important" speakers spoke.) There is nothing to say what exactly is coming. I don't know of another book that goes deeper into this stuff.

Not saying that they don't give the low down creepiness of blood magic at its very terrifying depths. However they don't come out and say this is bringing horrors to this world.

On a said note are the Shedim a type of Horror. Anyone have anything particular to say about exactly what these things are. The catholic church seems to push at them being demonic. Could be a sort of truth. Perhaps that is what the horrors are, different types of demons. So what are there for answers.
The Shidem are not Horrors. They come from a different plane. And yes, though Aztlan never says it, several of the novels say without a doubt that the Enemy is the Horrors. Worlds Without End and the Dragonheart Trilogy especially. That's not even bringing in Harlequin's Back...

The Abstruse One
Okay, once again I'm trying to figure out how wide spread these knowledge things. I mean I can understand the rarity of people understand how water molecules interact why they are so important to the human body. How awesome the human body is actually at chemistry. However magic is a mystery, I have only vague notions of what exactly could be feasible for a person to know.

For instance I have a Tir Tairngire Horse Adept of the Shamanic way character, who grew up learning Magic through Tir Schooling, he actually has a Ph.D. in Theoritical Thaumatalogy(Might be misspelled.) Now he is a new runner(as in most of his life he lived a sheltered life, learning things that Tir Elves would learn. And he does have an advanced degree.) He doesn't have a lot of Shadowrunner's knowledge. However he does have a bit of magical knowledge. Now I know it sounds wierd that he has a more hermetical knowledge of magic. However that is how Tir elves are introduced to magic. However he awakened for Horse.

So anyways what of these types of things might this guy know. He does have a bit of magical theory, like I said he has a magical Ph.D.
Actually, I believe that the word (and name) Horrors is not used anywhere in Shadowrun in reference to The Enemy.
Herald of Verjigorm
There was some draconic commentary about how the nature of places can change as a result of a different name. Considering the potency of name magic, it may be that those who know of what is happening are using a different name to reduce the effects. Yet this behaviour may have drawn the attention of other things that would not have been able to hear the old name.
the word is 'thaumaturgy', 252, just so's you know.
Without having sources to back me up, I can say that IMO, I have no doubt that Joe Average, no matter how many diplomas, hasn't a fncking clue about Horrors nor the reality of Blood magic. Nobody wants to know about doomsday scenarios. How many times have you heard "crackpot" or "alarmist" theories about how we are all gonna die next tuesday. Well, same thing in the SR world, except that people are so jacked up with entertainement and the bliss of mindlessness (remember: dystopia) that they REALLY don't give a shit about what cult is doing what to some SINless undesired.
People who know about Horrors: Great Dragons (well, ok, also non-greats from the Fourth age), Immortal Elves, anyone who was a part of Harlequin's Back, some people who are close friends or apprentices to one of the above, higher-ups in the Draco Foundation.

People who don't know about Horrors: EVERYONE ELSE.

Also, a few Horrors got away during the Dragonheart Trilogy, so anyone who might have run into one would know about them and talk about them in Shadowland, etc. However, most people would assume it was a rather vicious free spirit rather than knowing what it actually was.

Actually, the word "Horrors" was used once that I know of in Shadowrun canon in reference to the Horrors from Earthdawn was Harlequin in PAoE...and even that was rather roundabout in that he called the Wraith a "horror" (no capitalization I believe). No one in the Sixth World would get the reference except those who already know. But, though I'm not entirely sure about Worlds Without End as it's been a while since I read it, nowhere else is the word "Horrors" used to describe any of them. Harlequin says "The Enemy", but I'm not sure what the others use.

The Abstruse One
What about Dunk's Will, the His last Testament pg. 21 of PoaD:DS. He goes into detail of it my be "thousands of years may pass before metahumanity regains the strength and tools needed to successfully weather the coming storms---and you may not get another chance."

I mean a hint, and nothing more. But I mean Dunk saying that we will have some type of Doom's day scenario is a lot different then some Fanatics or Hysteria punks saying things.
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