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Darkest Angel
I've been looking at the rules for HUDs as glasses/shades/monacles etc as one of my players has expressed interest in one, since a couple of the other players have image links, but being an Adept he doesn't want the cyber. Now, the image link costs 1600Y, fair enough, and a HUD for a security helmet or military grade helmet is 1000Y, again, reasonable. Now, seperately in the electronics section, the equivalent 100MP HUD costs a whacking 20,000Y... I'm not getting *why*? Anyone got some different rules made up?
honestly, i've always just ignored that crap. i pay for a pocsec and then make up the interface it comes with. my favorite is a clip that attaches to the earpiece of your glasses. it bounces a laser off the lens into your retina, allowing it to a) paint images on your eye, and b) read your eye movements for a limited pointer interface.

alternatively, just get a pocsec and hook it up to a trode rig.
Its the 100mp of storage space.
you don't pay 20k nuyen for 100Mp of cyber memory, as i recall.
Humf, wow. Implant mem is only 150 a mp.

So its a total rip off. Have your Gm fix it.
Heh, check this, optical chips are 1k mp and cost .5Y. Technologically OCC's would be like DIMM chips for computers, and thus can be 'connected' together to form RAM chips, or in this case OOC chips heh. So, we've got 4 different costs for memory:

Storage Memory: 7/Mp
OCC Memory: .5/MP
Implant Memory: 150/MP

....and then this HUD at 200/MP.
Darkest Angel
QUOTE (Lindt)
So its a total rip off. Have your Gm fix it.

I am the GM... I was after ideas on how other people may have fixed it.

The prices come from the "Computer Memory (Non-Cyber)" price of 20Y/MP which has been clearly been totally revised in Matrix, which tags storage memory at 5Y/MP + 50Y, and active memory at 7.5Y/MP.

Even with those costs I'm getting either 5000Y or 7500Y for a 100MP unit, which is still far more expensive than just getting a security helmet with it built in. Now since the Security helmet add in prices match the prices for Smartgoggles, NVGs, Thermo, and Vision Magnification prices, I think the HUD should probably match that price too, 5Y/MP
Do it backwards. Start with the specialized cost of the helmet. Figure out what you think regular memory would cost compared to that for the same amount, then divide. You have your revised cost!

So if you helmet costs 1000 nuyen.gif. Say the helmet would normally cost 400:nuyen: for example. Then take the difference of 600 nuyen.gif and divide that by the amount of memory involved. That is your new cost!
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