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I guess we'll have to wait for Corporate Enclaves or whatever the new book will be for the full download, but does anyone know what the deal is with NeoNET. The SR4 book says NeoNET joined up with Erika and Transys Neuronet to establish the backbone of the new wireless matrix system. Was this any kind of permanent arrangement or just a one time project. Personally, I don't see Richard Villiars getting into any long term business arrangement with a great dragon. Is NeoNET just Novatech reborn or is there more to it. I don't have System Failure, so maybe I'm missing something.
as i understand it, they fused into one big, (not-quite-so-very)happy family. viliers kinda got screwed over by art dankwalther and needed some cash, as i recall... so he pretty much didn't have a choice.
To make it short: Novatech needed money and launched an IPO (issuing stocks to raise funds). After the IPO and diverse transactions, Novatech merged with Erika and Transys Neuronet (can't remember the exact situation) to become NeoNET.

Villiers doesn't really like it, but there was nothing else he could do to save Novatech.
ah, the novatech IPO. talk about going digital supernova silly.gif
Erika and Transys ahd already teamed up for the start of the Wireless matrix (which torqued off S-K to no end). Villiers launched his IPO, and had already had pans to bring the companies together before the system crash. From reading SysFailure though, it looks like Celedyr got out manuvered and lost control of the board to someone within Erika (maybe Transys, I forget which) so he has some of his own internal wrangling to do.

From the BBB, it looks like each company is still putting out products under the individual names as well (See the commlinks gear section). Neonet as a whole should be huge. Novatech was only technically a AAA, as it was about AA size.But Transys was a big AA, and Erika basically runs it's little corner of the world. Together, they'd make a huge leap in size. You know, once they clean out the redundant redundancy departments.
So NeoNET is the new Fuchi?
Sounds like a ok comparison that given that novatech was based on parts it...
QUOTE (WhiskeyMac)
So NeoNET is the new Fuchi?

Yup. Which was why Villiers was so incredibly unhappy and miserably drunk when he finally made the decision to go ahead with the initial IPO that presaged the mergers. I mean, when he says that it's "The absolute last thing in the world I want to do," and the operation is internally codenamed "Send in the clowns" you know he's not too thrilled about the idea. wink.gif

After decades if internal fighting over Fuchi he's finally managed to wrest control of a third of it away and make it a triple A megacorporation that aside from a few close associates was solely his. Then some psychotic alcoholic asshole with money to burn comes along and screws everything up. He's back to having to deal with bloody shareholders poking their noses in what he considers to be his company and wanting a say in the running of it. Joining up to NeoNET was undoubtedly good business sense but for Villiers himself it's his own personal nightmare, he's back to being one third of a megacorporation and having to play internal power games again.
Comes full circle to the old classic. Bad for Villiers, good for shadowrunners.
Exactly, Fuchi v2.0

It's a shame that the corporations book is so far down the release schedule since I'd be really interested to see how this shook out internally and how the rest of the corps have reacted and changed as well in detail.
yeah me too. I'm aslo interested in more deatil on Ares post -eating up Cat-Co.
I'm sure they've got their reasons but for the amount of impact the corps have on the Sixth World and people's games with the wholescale massive changes - plus brand new riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that is Horizon - that took place over the intervening 10 years I would have though it would have been right up there after the rules books and base location one. I would have bumped Emergence and Corporate Enclaves, never mind Totally Unnamed Plot Book, and done the corp book before them since to me it's almost as much a part of the setting as Seattle and Hong Kong are. *Shrug* Still I guess that Rob, Adam et al know what they're doing.
My guess would be that they're trying to keep everything contained where it makes sense. Need info on a corp? Look in the corp book. Long term planning.

Well, that's what I'm hoping at least.
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