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I've been creating a character based off of Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell and I've finished most of him, except equipment. I figure he's considered a Covert Ops Specialist and I've geared him mostly towards stealth. But now I'm stuck on equipment.

I'm guessing that the commlink would replace the OPSAT, and cybereyes (or even contacts/goggles) would be in place of the Trident Goggles, but I'm not sure after that. Should I get a chameleon suit and then get Thermal Damping? Should I get an Urban Explorer Jumpsuit and just mod it out? Or should I make a homebrewed Tactical Operations Suit?

Stick-n-shock for the sticky shockers. Micro-cam sensors for the sticky cameras. Predator or Light Pistol with silencer for the SC Pistol (or the FN Five-seveN). Should I get the XM-30 for the SC-20K?

I'm also stuck on cyberware/bioware. Sleep Regulator definitely (I'm basing him a little more off the Splinter Cell novels than the games) but what else? Wired Reflexes 2/Synaptic Booster 2? Datajack and implanted commlink? I'm just really stuck and could use some help.

Thanks in advance!
If you can afford it, a shadowrunner is always better off with synaptic booster 2. However, I would gear the charcter toward more skill and not reflexes or fighting.
If you're going the pure stealth route, my top choices would be Muscle Toner, Enhanced Articulation, Synthacardium 3, Athletics & Stealth group skill recorders. None of that stuff will set off scanners 'cuz they're all bioware and even just the enhanced articulation and synthacardium will pretty much turn you into spiderman for a relatively small investment. As far as traditional cyberware goes, the two I'd suggest just the good ol' tried and true utility stuff: Cybereyes & Skillwire 3. I also must admit to having a certain fondness for Internal Air tanks, which go just lovely with a nausea gas grenade when you're trying to make a quick escape, but there's plenty of gas masks and respirators to use as alternatives. If nothing else, the skillwire system can be an easy way to afford Lockpicking and Hardware. Hardware in particular is pretty much required for any real breaking and entering jobs in SR.
In 2070, a Splinter Cell would more likely be recruited from the Awakened. I'd make him as a bio-adept personally.
A bio-adept is probably a good choice. I'm thinking Enhanced Articulation, Platelet Factories, and a Sleep Regulator. That should be under 1 essence. I can take Magic 5 or 6 and just lose a point through bioware.

Should I make some homebrewed equipment to represent the Five-seveN, SC-20K and his body armor?
Ok as I disclaimer I have no idea about Splinter Cell other then it was a video game that I never played.

However with that said, its my understanding that if you are going to go bio-adept then you should burn two points of Magic in order to get 3 IPs in addition to some stat increases/ulitity ware installed.

The reason I say that even if one of the operative's objectives was to maintan total stealth through the entire mission, I'd want to know that in case something did get fragged up he would have a better chance of getting out alive and that I wouldn't lose such a valuable asset. (Well plus there are times when having super-human reflexes is going to help him mantain stealth.)

Although then again, if I were in the Sixth World then the number one implant for all of my operatives would be a nice big cortex bomb. cyber.gif
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