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I am researching the following factions, and need source references History of each group is the most important part, and we want to get it right. Beginning to 2070.
No group is more knowledgeable than Dumpshock, so I ask you folks. If you like, post what you know on any of these groups as well, I can certainly use it! This information is being gathered for the Awakened MMO project.
I was going to reference the Wiki as well, but it is down for now.


Nice list you got there. By "beginning", I assume you mean "2050", and not the beginning. I mean, you've got the Mafia on there so I think the beginning would have to be something like disgruntlement in Palermo with the Bourbons in the post-Aragonese period.

Anyway, let's start with your first one: Aztechnology.

Aztechnology is one of the biggest corporations on the planet and has always taken the rules of the Corporate Court as "guidelines" rather than rules. This caused them to merge with the government of Aztlan and participate in the nationalization of all corporate property in the country, and that caused the other corporations to fight back by firebombing Ensenada. But all that happened before 2050 so information on it is pretty sketchy.

In 2050, AZT had holdings all over the world. But their really important holding is that they essntially own the nation of Aztlan. That means that one of the most powerful nations on the planet has merged with one of the most influential corporations. They have an arcology in Seattle, and their Meso-American styles are copied world wide.

Aztechnology is quite explicit about reviving Aztech pstyles and practices, and yes that does include capturing enemies and chopping their hearts out in religious ceremonies. Their people are conditioned to accept this as being the civilized alternative to simply shooting enemies to death where they stand. Yes, really - in Aztlan ripping peoples' hearts out of their chest in front of hundreds of thousands of onlookers is onsidered to be a step forward - an alternative to barbarism.

The big deal from the perspective of Shadowrunners, however, is that AZT is run by a committee. And someone on that committee is financing the destruction of the planet. Really. In the 2050s the Aztechnology Corporation has a special project where they are funding Oscuro and the Blood Mage Gestalt who are researching methods to bring horrors (the enemies from Earthdawn) across the threshold and means of attaining immortality via human sacrifice and all kinds of crazy evil shit. Who exactly it was who sponsored that project was never explicitly stated, but the most likely single person is Dunkelzahn. Dunkelzahn had the motive (he used the horror research and the cyberzombie research to do the whole Dragonheart thing), the method, the opportunity, and most importantly of all - the Blood Mage Gestalt got fired shortly after Dunkelzahn's voting shares in AZT got given away to another person. Dunkie sat on that board and participated in all the big decisions.

So early Shadowrun doesn't usually care over much that Aztechnology has a good public relations firm, or that they run Stuffer Shack, and Taco Temple, and make industrial sweeteners, and so on and so forth. The fact is that Aztechnology is making a serious bid to destroy all life on Earth! They are the big bad guys, who have secret meetings with masked participants who murder children to further dark ends. And even though this is actually a really small group in Aztechnology, and they were apparently set up as a psi-op to defeat the horrors anyway, a lot of Shadowrun players who played in that era still gibber whenever AZT comes up because holy shit they are so EVIL I got to take thems down!

Later on, AZT loses again and again, because people want to see them fall. Between 2057 and 2063 the nation of Aztlan doesn't win a god damned thing. Ghost Walker kicks them out of Denver, Mayan dissidents kick them out of the Yucatan, and so on and so forth. It's a bad time to be AZT.

But then they get a handle on things. Pobre comes over to join the team, they are able to make a convincing display of hunting down renegade blood magicians, and the shit storm in Quebec pretty much gets them taken off the Corporate Court's least favorite member list. During this period they perform evil acts that actually accomplish things. They dump poison gas on Mayan dissidents. They finance anti-environmental politcial candidates in Europe, that sort of crap. They lead a jihad against insect spirits on purely religious grounds.

And then... more nut-punching for Aztlan. In the big turmoil of 2065-2070, the president of the company: Juan Atzcapotzalco is killed in an explosion. But on the plus side, they did successfully sacrifice one of the dragons that had been pissing them off.

Aztechnology has been in virtually every adventure, novel, sourcebook, and rule book ever printed for the game. Every single event in Shadowrun has been in some way sculpted or influenced by AZT. Their core operatives are secretive and their finances are hidden. There are multiple dragons who are important in the company and they have never even been named (personally, I call them "Chicoaze" and "Inti Jiwana" - but that's not official). The only named members of the inner circle in 2050 are dead in 2070. They have since been replaced.

Any plot, any event, any bit of crazy can be masterminded by Aztechnology. The Left hand does not know what the Right hand is doing, and the corporation's goals are not merely to make fat stacks of money but to accomplish some as-yet unrevealed goal in the distant future. Aztechnology's actions have come off as scizophrenic, and that's not accidental. The people calling the shots are keeping secrets even from each other. It's entirely possible that Dunkelzahn's fake bid to destroy the world was counted as real by the other board members who approved it.

On what grounds do you call Dunkelzahn's bid to destroy the world "fake"? He only gets involved in stopping it after the plan had already been foiled once, so it's entirely possible that the schedule was important to him.

QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
On what grounds do you call Dunkelzahn's bid to destroy the world "fake"? He only gets involved in stopping it after the plan had already been foiled once, so it's entirely possible that the schedule was important to him.


Good question. I base this assessment on the Aztlan sourcebook and Harlequin's Back. The bridge technique was foiled by Harlequin, but he apparently got his information from Dunkelzahn. So the information flow goes like this:
  1. Oscuro and the BMG sent their results and data upstairs to Dunkelzahn.
  2. Dunkelzahn sorted through that and gave condensed versions to Harlequin and the other immortals labeled as things his vast spy network had come up with.
  3. Harlequin took that information and gave condensed versions of that to groups of Shadowrunners in order to get them to shut Oscuro's project down.

And the end result was that Oscuro's project was destroyed and Dunkelzahn was the only creature on the planet left with a huge pile of Horror Research. Then he used the Cybermancy research of Aztechnology that he also masterminded to survive being blown up and used himself being blown up in the first place to power the Dragonheart that coincidentally shut the bridges down altogether if you happened to be sitting on a pile of Horror Research.


Now that being said, the Draco Foundation continues to hire up Blood Mages at a phenominal rate, so while Dunkelzahn did arrange for Shadowrunners to torch his research institution in Aztlan he is putting together another one. So even though Dunkelzahn's original bid to destroy the world appears to have been a feint, it is entirely possible that he subsequently intends to destroy the world in some other way.

After all, the coccoons that transform dragons into horrors are just like the ones that transform dragons into great dragons or wyverns into dragons (at least, according to Earthdawn's Dragons). So it's entirely possible that something really weird is going on and the Great Horrors actually are dragons who have ascended past being a Great Dragon and it is Dunkelzahn's intention ultimately to reach that. Or something - that's pure speculation because actually there isn't any information on what Dunkelzahn's Blood Mage Research Park has been doing for the last 13 years.

Hell, it could be an attempt to use Death Magic to make rainbows and end war. I kind of doubt it, but it's got just as much evidence as any other theory. All we really know right now is that Dunkelzahn funded and subsequently spiked the Blood Mage Gestalt and ran off with all of their Research and used it complete a series of unique enchantments that leave him as a planewalking immortal and the Horrors locked in the woodshed - at least for now.

Woof, that's a lot. And just the first entry.

What books would you reccomemd to get the details on this entry?
QUOTE (a_jediknight)
Woof, that's a lot. And just the first entry.

What books would you reccomemd to get the details on this entry?

Shadows of Latin America?

I jest. Seriously though, Aztechnology is a hrd entity to pin down. They are the most secretive of the AAAs and at the same time they are also the most diversified and in many ways the largest. When I say that Aztechnology gets props in every single book I don't exagerate - even early books like the Street Samurai Catalogue had a couple of side notes about what Aztechnology was up to at the time (aeronautics as I recall from that section).

We learn about their space based Spindle platform in Target: Wastelands.
We learn about their gassing of rebels in Year of the Comet.
We learn about their genetic enhancement research in State of the Art: 2063.
We learn about their tiff with Ghostwalker in Dragons of the Sixth World.
We learn about their sponsorship of Courtball in the Sprawl Survival Guide.

And that's just the top of the FANPRO pile. The old FASA material is just like that:

We learn about the cock fighting between Aztechnology and the Immortal Elves in the Tir sourcebooks.
We learn about Aztechnology's partnership with Universal Omnitech in Shadowtech.

And so on, but the big prize of course is the Aztlan Sourcebook (FASA 7213). Not content with simply mentioning something about Aztlan in every book, this book is actually 180 pages that are just about Aztlan. The info's a little dated of course, it is set in 2056. But it is entirely Aztechnology information.

The blurb in Corporate Download (FASA 7125) is on-message and easy to find, but it's short. It is 2061 though, which helps.

Frank, you have humbled me. I dont know what books you've been reading, but Ive never even heard of half that shit. Is it all from sourcebooks, or is some of this knowledge from the SR Fiction, and if so which ones?

@ a_jediknight, If you really want to know everything about everyone in the SR universe, you just have to read the books, all the books. Luckily, you can find most of them on eBay or Amazon for pretty good prices. May even be able to find some collections being sold, best way to catch 'em all.

After that, just a lot of reading.
Also, don't forget the obvious Dragon Heart Trilogy.

Of course, Dunk attempting to destroy the world, feint or not, is just one interpretation. Another is that Dunk's huge stock in Azt was a way of monitoringthe corps doing. He didn't necessarily have to be a major shareholder. If he'd managed to hide his influence through numerous shell's, they may not have known he was looking in on them. Then again, maybe they did. You gonna tell a great dragon to sell off his stock and go home?

Spoiler for DHT for those that heavne't read it:
The series begins with the Azzie's uncovering one of the locus stones that they use to power their rituals to complete the bridge. This happens just as Dunk is at his innaugural ball. His spy contacts Dunk to let him knwo they found it. This prompts Dunk to go with his back up play (assuming Frank isn't right and that was his plan all along) and charge up the Dragon Heart by using sacrifice magic to give it that extra boost. As Harlequin says, it shouldn't have been able to exist yet, because the mana level was too low. But the high level of mana from Dunk's death, essnetially using the ED Saricifce magic of Dying Legacy, to power it up. That's all out lined in the ED book Magic:A Manaual of Mystic Secrets pg 15 for those who are interested. Probaly not exactly "by the book " rules, but it should give you an idea.

The plan was to have his spy Mercury use the Heart to destroy the bridge, obstensibly with Harlequin's help. That got screwed up though when the spy, Mercury, got captured, and got his head screwed with by Thomas Roxborough. He was rescued, but not before his personality had been fragged with so that he's no longer blindly loyal to the dragon and starts pursuing his own agenda.

Mix that in with the rogue Cyber Zombie Burnout, and a fight over a river, a big fall, and Dunkies wayward spirit getting trapped inside the spells that keeps the cyberzombies soul in it's body, and that's how Dunk gets a body, more or less. All of it is presented like a bunch of flukes and accidents leading up to that end result.

So basically you can look at it two ways. Well, probably more, but we'll stick to two. The first is that events really did go down as were presented, Dunk was trying to stop the horrors, he gave his stock up to someone else who may screw with the board a bit more, and the Draco Foundation really is trying to do what it said, including capturing blood mages.

On the flip side, Dunk was known as "Far Scholar" and is supposed to have an amazing rep even among Great Dragons for being able to plan far ahead, even possibly foreseeing events. Divination perhaps? So it's possible that he really did see all those chain of events working out that way and arrange him self to have the rogue Cyber Zombie that escaped it's handlers. Then you can have the Draco Foundation being a bunch of nasties trying to get together a new Blood Mage Gestalt and all that goodness.

My problems with the second theory are two big ones. First, what's the motivation? Dunk is really a corrupted Great Dragon? Ok, when did it happen? Nothing out lines what happened after the ED are, but capturing a Great on Dunk's scale would very likely be somethign the other dragons would notice. Now a horror touched Great has happened before, in Vestrivian. But no one associated with him after that. He was no longer part of Dargon Society. He was an abomination. Dunk was very definetely a part of dragon society. I think someone like Harlequin, who was likely an Lightbearer for one, ane Aina for two, would have noticed that sort of corruption.

The second are Aina and Nadja Daviar. Nadja is presented as being a person of at least good intentions, if not a good heart. She follows the dragon's orders, but not as blindly as Mercury did. I ahve a hard time seeing her gather a bunch of Blood mages. Then Aina. Yeah she was big on blood magic, but the absolute last thing she wants is it being used in the Sixth World. She got pushed in to doing it once by Ysgrathe and realized just how badly she fragged up. I sersiously doubt she'd fumble so badly as to start gathering blood mages and let them form a new gestalt.

There's a secod view to ponder. Either can work in the game, it really just depends on how dark you want it to be IMO. As for which is canon.... well who knows. It's never really spelled out. It seems like everything is on the up and up with Dunk and the Draco Foundation in broad terms at least. But really where it goes is up to the writers. It could be one thing and changed to another.

My theory on Jaun BTW, is that he was some sort of inhabited spirit. Free spirit perhaps, with very strong aura masking, which could explain why Ehran sensed his strength, but knew he wasn't an immortal. The box Dunk left could have been his material link that Azt was using to control him, which would explain why he could so easily dissapear. I could be way off the mark BTW, and it has little to do with the orignal point of this post. Just another of my opinions.

As for more info on corps, start with Corp Download. Great overview.
Oh, for the Mafia, Yaks, the Halloweeners, and Ancients, scan the Underworld SB. Godo stuff there. You can also get New Seattle for a lot of info on all of the above. NAN (1 or 2 I forget) and SoNA are good for Sinsearach tribe.
QUOTE (nathanross)
Frank, you have humbled me. I dont know what books you've been reading, but Ive never even heard of half that shit. Is it all from sourcebooks, or is some of this knowledge from the SR Fiction, and if so which ones?

The Aztechnology Horror connection is a running theme through Threats (see p. 17), Cybertechnology (see p. 70), Aztlan (many citations), the novel Blood Sport, the adventure Harlequin's Back, and numerous subtle hints all over the place.

The Aztechnology creation of a Cybermantic Technique is laid down in Cybertechnology, where it is revealed that the people who are doing it are "building a bridge" (that's a reference to Harlequin's Back, btw).

In the Aztlan sourcebook, Dunkelzahn is shown feeding information about all of this to "Laughing Man" - who is of course Harlequin.

Harlequin uses information on this subject he got from somewhere to defeat Oscuro in the adventure Harlequin's Back.

In the Dragonheart Trilogy of novels, it is revealed that Dunkelzahn used powerful blood magic, access to cybermancy, and an extensive knowledge of Horror methodology to do all kinds of crazy crap involving soul transference and destroying the horror access points and such.

And then that all gets wrapped up in Portfolio of a Dragon where it is revealed that the reason that Dunkelzahn knows all this stuff about horrors and Aztechnology is that he's actually on the board and is personally the entity deciding whether all this crap gets funding or not. Also it is revealed that Dunkelzahn's organization is continuing to offer "bounties" on live blood mages brought to their offices - elsewhere in the corporate world these are called "hiring fees".

Meh. That whole deal is just as likely to be an artifact of multiple author syndrome. You know the one: "Dunkelzahn is awesome, he should be in everything! Aztechnology is awesome, it should be in everything!"

Blood sport. That was the other novel I was trying to remember. Thanks.
QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0)
Blood sport. That was the other novel I was trying to remember. Thanks.

Really? I was trying to forget.

A lot of reading ahead. I was a hardcore 1st and 2nd ed player, and have most of the sourcebooks around somewhere. As for the novels, I have read a few and plan on reading them all in the next year or so.

And that's just Az!

we are looking at some introductory writing centered on the Halloweeners and the Ancients.
Where would I go for that info? is the UnderWorld SB a pretty complete source, or are there some more references I need to look at?
Underworld has some info on the Ancients. The Halloweeners are mentioned exactly once, in shadowtalk—they're big in Seattle, but my impression is that they basically don't exist anywhere else. SRComp has info on them.

The Halloweeners get some love every time they talk about Seattle, but also in some surprising places. The Shadowrun Companion (FASA 7905), p. 124 has a run-down on what they do (burn things mostly). The Halloweeners get two paragraphs in Runner Havens

The Underworld Sourcebook gives some love to the Ancients (p. 102), as does virtually every Seattle book. The Ancients get 2 paragraphs in Runner Havens.

The Halloweeners are a gang that sets stuff on fire. They set up shop downtown Seattle and they hate the corporations. Because they consider themselves in open war with corporate security, they get practically wiped out a lot. They've been "practically destroyed" a couple of times, and the leadership has turned over. In 2070 they are commanded by someone named "Nightmare" who wears orange and black leathers and a glowing skull mask.

The Ancients are a gang of Elves. They were set up as an armed insurgency force working for Prince Oakforest. After that became public knowledge Oakforest and Sting had a public falling out but really stayed in contact with each other. Oakforest would arrange for Sting to be able to "steal" military equipment from the Tir, and then they'd run around using Tir military equipment on targets that Oakforest would clandestinely give to Sting. Even most of the foot soldiers of the Ancients thought that they were independents. The Ancients made enemies of other metahuman and human-centric gangs, including the Laésa, the Spikes, and jst about everyone else you can think of. Hell, they made themselves enemies of corporations and governments, since they just happened to commit crimes that undermined the geopolitical standing of groups that weren't the Tir.

But in 2062, Aithne Oakforest left the council and the Ancients continued their world-wide rampage. In 2065 the entire Council of Princes got the boot. In 2070, the Ancients are still kicking ass and taking names, and Sting is still in charge, but Sting has noone to report to! Their military weaponry is running out and they aren't getting any more. Created as a covert op for a government which no longer exists, the Ancients now continue crime for crime's own sake.

QUOTE (FrankTrollman)
They set up shop downtown Seattle and they hate the corporations.

I do think this bears repeating. For everyone who thinks law enforcement is worth fearing, reread this a few times. They set up show in downtown Seattle, and they still exist, despite their sole purpose being damaging corporations and destroying corporate property and personnel.

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