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I apologize if I'm accidently using someone else's names... I've read a relatively small section of the older forums. (or your random musings, somewhere else.)

Finally, if you said 'Other' mind specifying?
Other = Shadowbounce! wobble.gif

[edit]Also: The Lounge is probably a better place for this thread.[/edit]
I like Shadowcrawl myself. biggrin.gif
Nah, tried that. Abject failure. Alcohol and shadowrunning do not mix. smile.gif
Depends on the type of alcohol, I guess.

Be that as it may, RA:S is a Shadowcrawl! biggrin.gif
cyber.gif shadow"express people-mover" from SSG
I echo Flak's comment. Large amounts of Malibu rum with Coke thrown in for color definitely makes for a bizarre SR game.
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shadowbounce.. I mena bounce is like the best word ever..I use it like all the time..bounce!Bounce bounce, into the club,bounce, with those bouncing....
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