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I will be running Shadowrun in a couple of months. I will also be responsible for the transition to 4th as we have been playing 3rd now for years. My group wants to be able to bring over their 3rd edition characters, and I know from reading that doing this is a bit of a challenge.

I was thinking of having them make their characters from scratch and then build them back up to close to their current experience. So I am looking help and advice from the more experienced on this board.

What number of BP should I use to make beginning level characters that are close to those made from 3rd?

If I take the number of Karma they had. Will it translate on a 1:1 bases in 4th? or is there a different point to point bases?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

The official conversion guide can be found here, presenting several options. Some characters could be rebuilt with 400 or 450 points plus transfered Karma, while other types which don't translate as well, such as characters with a large number of high-ranked skills, might want to use the more complicated method to convert their characters over.
iirc, missions transfers characters over with the same amount of karma as they earned in SR3 missions.

make of that what you will.
QUOTE (Jaid)
iirc, missions transfers characters over with the same amount of karma as they earned in SR3 missions.

While that's true, the power level that resulted wasn't really comparable to what it would have been in SR3. It was intended as a mechanic to give folks who'd participated in the SR3 Missions some incentive to continue playing in the SR4 campaign. It was also a bit of an apology since the SR3 campaign didn't last quite as long as was originally intended. So, using what we did with Missions as a basis for balance probably isn't the best idea. wink.gif

Personally, my group decided not to convert characters from SR3 to SR4. For my home campaign, the old characters became retired 'runners who became key NPCs. The players generated new PCs, and the timeline advanced to 2070.
I'd suggest making new runners as well - and my group has done both.

SR3 characters do not always translate well - especially SR3 characters with advanced gear/cyber/magic. It depends on the group though.

If they really want to keep their characters, try both approaches:

- Remake with 400 BPs and use gained karma to improve.
- Use the conversion guide.

Then see which version they like the best.
If you try to convert you are going to end up with unhappy players with over powered characters. There is no conversion for 3rd edition. The two games are apples and space herpies.

You might as well try and convert them to D20. Tell them it is time to start a new campaign with new characters and concepts.
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