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Full Version: Smart Mine Houserules
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Hey, I wanted to add a SLAM to my inventory, and figured I would use the rules from the Cannon Companion. However, that is out of date. Anyone have new rules for smart mine-type weapon design?
shouldn't take much more than a sensor RFID attached to a grenade. maybe a rating 1 pilot. which should probably come free with purchased versions, or which you can probablyget your hacker/rigger/higher rating agent to get you for free simply by cracking copy protection.

so basically grenade cost + RFID of choice cost + sensor cost + free (for agent or pilot)

not terribly expensive, IOW.

for an even cheaper, though less self-contained, version, you could have a central command unit that has sensors, and which detonates the grenades wirelessly (yes, SR4 grenades can be wirelessly detonated)

if that feels insufficient in terms of damage, do the same with explosives. don't forget to include something for them to turn into shrapnel, though!
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