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Full Version: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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Just started GMing SR4 and I'm hoping to find someone to compare notes with, or sit in on an experienced game.
It's great to see someone new in the area. Welcome.

I just moved to Toronto from Hamilton a year ago. I've played and GMed since SR1. There is a Commando in Oshawa who is busy at the moment (Yeah, like a new kid on the way is any reason to not play RPGs!) but says he will resume running Shadowrun Missions events in June. If you want to connect, email me through the system (click on my system name) and we can talk.

I am in the same city as the commando, Oshawa, but I only play a sr2/3 hybrid.

If you are interested in an older game, message me, I have another friend in the area that is also interested in a game.
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