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Full Version: Stacking Mentor Spirit Bonuses
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If a Mentor Spirit provides a bonus for a certain spell category (such as Combat), foes this alos give bonus dice to Counterspelling against that category of spells?

If the above is answered "yes" would a general bonus to Counterspelling stack with a category bonus? For example, the Adversary gets +2 Counterspelling and +2 with Manipulation spells. Would this give a +4 for Counterspelling Manipulation spells?

This is really the only example of a Mentor Spirit providing bonuses that maight stack.
Hmmm, its a tricky situation to be certain... I'm inclined to say nom though it's merely a gut feeling on the matter. I always just implied that those bonuses were to casting only and had no effect on counterspelling/spell defense.
Anyone else have an opinion on whether or not a sell category bonus from a mentor spirit applies to counterspelling that category?
I'd say that they don't give a bonus for counterspelling simply because there is a bonus from some mentors specifically for counterspelling.

Yes, but to play devil's advocate, those mentor spirits give a bonus to counterspelling all categories of spells, which is much more useful than a bonus to merely one category of spells.

I'll be honest... my knee-jerk reaction initially was to say no. But the description of mentor spirit bonuses talks about Sorcery and Conjuring skills - and those are skill groups. So if a mentor spirit bonus works for spellcasting and ritual sorcery, why not counterspelling? So I would say yes.

The adversary mentor spirit is a thorny question. Strictly by the RAW, those bonuses would stack. If I had to make a ruling on it, though, I would probably house rule that mentor spirit bonuses work similarly to how foci work - you can only get one at a time. Yeah, this unfairly singles out a single mentor spirit, but +4 dice is a bit too much in my opinion. And again, this is how I would house rule it, not the RAW.
I’d say it’s clear that by default the bonus applies to counterspelling:

QUOTE (SR4 p.192)
A magician gains bonus dice when acting or using Sorcery or Conjuring skills in accordance to the mentor’s ideals.

Since counterspelling is part of the Sorcery skill group then it applies. I’d say that a Magician with Adversary Mentor Spirit would indeed get 4 dice for counterspelling. And who better to get 4 bonus dice to resist Manipulations that Adversary, after all they have problems with authority.
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